10 Nightmarish Ex Stories That Will Make You Grateful for Your Current Relationship"

8 months ago

Everyone has ex-partners, but some quietly disappear from your life, while others manage to fray your nerves so much that just thinking about those relationships gives you goosebumps. Our today’s heroes shared stories about exes that nobody would wish for.

When he can’t even be bothered to leave the house.

Thanks for everything, social media.

When you’re a bit late with revelation:

True feelings never get rusty.

That awkward moment when you didn’t expect to meet him.

Old love is always in our hearts.

When you know exactly what to do:

When your ex calls:

“My ex-boyfriend sent me a photo of his new kittens.”

You can always find some time for your ex in your busy schedule.

When you know who to call on a bad day:

“This one is my favorite.”

“What should I do with this info?”

Revenge on your ex is a dish best served wet.

Revenge of the ex.

When she planned everything carefully, but nothing went according to plan.

Sometimes after a breakup, you might find yourself thinking, “How did I even start dating this person?” Surely, these people must have asked themselves the same question when they recalled the quirks of their exes.

Preview photo credit dddallasss / Reddit


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