15+ People Whose Way of Thinking Is Just Something Else

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Children start to understand logical connections between things by the age of three. This is when they use their developing language skills a lot more to ask many questions and try to figure out the world around them. However, this is a long and tricky process, and even adults sometimes struggle to think logically all the time.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found a number of stories about people who should probably work on their logical skills just a little more.

  • The strangest person I ever met was my friend’s Uncle Franky. Growing up, my buddy and I worked in his father’s insurance office during the summers. One day, Uncle Franky came in to use a computer so he could compose an email. It was his first time doing this — it was in 2009. As he was trying to add the @ symbol in the recipient’s name, he asked where he could find it. I told him to hold down the shift button and press the number 2 key at the same time. He turned his head, and with a puzzled look his in eyes, he asked me, “Wouldn’t that be a capital 2?” © Jimmy6Times / Reddit
  • The dad next door to our apartment in Brooklyn just took his small kids outside to let them scream as loud as they want for a few minutes before taking them back inside. letsgomathias / Twitter
  • The plane was landing. It was really low and everyone had their seatbelts on, including the flight attendants, and then I hear someone walking in the aisle. A flight attendant said, “Miss, what happened? Please take your seat.” And then the person said, “This is my stop.” The whole plane was laughing. © Nataliya Astahova / Facebook
  • I was in Krakow, and a friend of a friend had recommended visiting a Harry Potter-themed cafe there. I searched it on Google Maps and got a location. Google implied that the cafe remained open till 10 p.m. We got to the location where Google Maps suggested — and nothing. We asked around to all the stores nearby if they had heard of such a cafe. Didn’t help. We had almost given up and thought they probably had closed down and Google just hadn’t updated it yet. But then one of us saw a cartoon of a witch flying on her broom in a shop nearby. We went inside. There was some repair work going on. But then, a dead end. Aw man, that’s disappointing. But just then, when we were turning back, we saw steps leading downstairs to a door. We knew we had found it. As soon as we opened the door, we knew this was it. Felt extremely elated. When we finally got inside, I complained at the counter, “There are not enough signboards. We had trouble finding this place.” She said, “It’s not for muggles.” © Piyush Lahoti / Quora
  • “It’s 97° and my wife left the house carrying a hoodie, ’just in case.’” Social_Mime / Twitter
  • First, a bank called me for 2 weeks convincing me to take a loan, then when I came to the office and spent several hours there, they refused! I was angry on my way home when I got a phone call from THE SAME bank, and I was offered a loan! © Marya Ivanovich / Facebook
  • My parents disliked my husband, especially my mother. When she found out we were getting married, she told me not to call her for a month. When we had kids, my parents had to start talking to my husband. He’s a very nice person and despite all of that, he always helped them when they needed it. We have a house, kids, money — they got used to him. And then I found that my mom is just waiting for me to find a normal man. © cheschirsky / Pikabu
  • I had a manager named Roxanne. She was a bleach blonde (she literally bleached her hair once a month and then wondered why it would break/fall out). Rocky was really obsessed with her looks and not much else. One day, she told me and a co-worker that she had her nose done so that her eventual children wouldn’t grow up with the same nose as her. She wasn’t kidding. The co-worker and I just looked at each other and walked away. We knew it wasn’t worth the effort. © Adastria / Reddit
  • My roommate in college thought you washed clothes on every single cycle in the washing machine. Our machine had a delicate cycle, a cotton cycle, a solo rinse cycle, a permanent press cycle, etc. He always complained about the washer taking forever. And it was because he was washing his clothes 4-5 times every time he did laundry. © sooner_or_later / Reddit
  • My 78-year-old grandma calls me and tells me that she has a fever and that pills didn’t help. She asked me to buy something for her. I went to the pharmacy and when I came to my grandma’s place, I asked her what pills she took. She showed me pills for 3-year-old children she got from her grandson. When I told her that they couldn’t work because they are for kids, she said, “Oh, how can pills know how old I am?” © “Podlsushano” / Ideer
  • This girl I used to work with was in a very toxic relationship. She told everyone she was secretly trying to get pregnant because if she did, her unemployed boyfriend would have to get a job and pay rent. She got pregnant and her boyfriend immediately dumped her. © booger-burger69 / Reddit
  • I sell women’s handbags. Once, a woman came in and described a model she wanted in detail. I told her that we didn’t have such a bag. She insisted, “But I want it!” We were arguing for a few minutes, and when I ran out of patience, I asked her, “Where did you see such a bag?” And she said, “I saw it in my dream!” © Galina Arsenuk / Facebook
  • I worked as a sales assistant at a children’s store. Once, I saw a young couple shopping for a present for a child. A man picked up a 2,000-piece puzzle:
    — “Jane, let’s get this!”
    — “Are you crazy? She’s 1.5 years old!”
    — “I want it for us!”
    — “But she’ll throw the pieces around the entire house!”
    — “We’ll do it in the bathroom! She’s still scared to come in.”
    It’s been a long time since then and I still picture them doing this puzzle in the bathroom, because they actually bought it. © “Podslushano” / Vk
  • He took me to a restaurant and went to the bathroom a lot and stepped out often to take calls. I thought it was weird, and then the waiter said: “You know he’s at another table with a blonde woman right?” He had 2 first dates at once. see_kel / Twitter

Have you ever been truly puzzled by someone else’s way of thinking?

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