10+ People That Took a Leap of Faith and Changed Their Appearance

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People are often unsatisfied with their appearance. Some don’t like the size of their noses, and others don’t like the shape of their eyebrows. And there’s nothing wrong with changing the things you don’t like. Sometimes, all it takes is a few plucks around the eyebrows.

“Laminated my eyebrows.”

“2.5 months post-op — septorhinoplasty, chin implant, chin lipo”

“Before and After: 2 years post-op for rhinoplasty and 2 months post-op for blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift.”

2 weeks post-op septorhinoplasty!

“Follow-up, 3 weeks post rhinoplasty results. Thrilled with it already, even with a lot of swelling yet to go down over the next year.”

“Said goodbye to my long nose 5 months ago. I thought I’d wait until 6 months post-op to post an update, but there probably won’t be a big difference by then.”

“I had double jaw surgery and a genioplasty a year and 8 months ago. My next goal is nostril reduction.”

“Went to get my eyebrows threaded for the very first time to get rid of a unibrow. Does it look alright now, or a bit overdone?”

11 days after blepharoplasty

Chin lipo

“12 days post-op Asian rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Gingivectomy! Photos 4 months apart.”

“7 weeks post-op septorhino. Didn’t realize how much swelling could fluctuate still!”

“Before/after chin & jaw liposuction. So happy!”

“Septorhinoplasty — 7 months post-op. Front and profile view + orthodontics.”

“Cleaned up the brows.”

Rhinoplasty, hair transplant, and neck lipo

Both plastic surgery and eyebrow correction can help people feel much better, or it might have no effect if the problem is in the person’s mind. The author of this article believes that before serious changes, it’s better to consult a psychologist in case the problem is not real. Do you think that it’s OK to have these types of surgeries? We’re looking forward to reading your comments!

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