25 Purchases That Turned Out to Be a Pleasant Surprise for These Lucky Customers

2 years ago

Making purchases, whether in store or online, is a risk since many times we only see the image shown on the outside of the packaging, and the inside could surprise or disappoint us. However, we choose to take a leap of faith and invest our money in that product. When we open it, we can see for sure whether it was worth buying or not. Here are cases where the reality exceeded the expectation we had.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we have collected images of people who have been really surprised as their purchases turned out to be a good decision.

1. “My 2 year old picks the cookies, and I have to say pleasantly surprised. Especially since we’re in the U.S.”

2. “Pleasantly surprised by this fruit tart”

3. “When, for once, the dress you ordered looks exactly as in the picture.”

4. “Wasn’t expecting much from a $5 pizza, pleasantly surprised.”

5. “Pleasantly surprised, the cream is the best part!”

6. “Our cannoli were a very pleasant surprise.”

7. “Ordered a slipcover from those Instagram ads. Pleasantly surprised!”

8. “Pleasantly surprised — more marshmallows and chocolate than the cover.”

9. When people deliver what they promise

10. Super lucky: good price and you get what you wanted.

11. Appetizing and delicious!

12. “This bee brooch is a white whale of mine. They come in a variety of styles and stones, but I have been on the hunt for a real gold one. 14k and pink coral, $3.99. Also ft. a 10k white gold filagree pin and vintage Mignon Faget fish pendant. Two different goodwills.”

13. “Custom order. The pastry chef told me it was difficult to draw the pentagons correctly and connect them without spaces, but the result was worth it!”

14. “Almost exactly the same”

15. Brooch in the shape of a European pike, made from a sketch.

16. “I ordered a cake that looked like my daughter’s favorite toy. The gift was so good that at first the birthday girl didn’t want to eat it.”

17. “No name caramel coconut cookies were truly impressive. Will be getting these far more often than I should.”

18. “The cake shop gave my wife some sample cupcakes to help choose the cake to order... Thats how you decorate a cupcake! And thats how you do customer service!”

19. “Expected one fruit by the foot. Got a double! Total win.”

20. An easy way to prepare a delicious dinner in minutes.

21. This is delicious!

22. “Another 1950s vintage bag I scored for $6!!”

23. “I noticed that a lot when I went to Japan. Everything looks pretty much exactly like what is on the packaging, I was flabbergasted.”

24. “I liked the image of the cow and decided to try this ice cream. It is perfect.”

25. Individual order of wedding figurines according to the bride’s sketches

“I draw badly. I was afraid that the seamstress would not understand from my sketches which dolls we wanted for the wedding. But when I received the finished hares, my eyes filled with tears. The professional added details like blush, necklace, buttons. She made the groom’s suit with a more textured fabric, corduroy — his legs bend, the couple can sit, stand and walk! I feel that they were sewn with all the heart and soul.”.

What have you bought recently that, when you received it, left you happy and made you feel it was worth the expense?

Preview photo credit any_other_observer / Reddit


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