10+ Things That Have Transformed from Unacceptable to Routine

5 months ago

We still hold onto some old ideas. Like, we freak out if there’s a stain on a fresh shirt or believe it’s wrong to disagree with older folks, even when they’re mistaken. We decided to check out things that used to be normal, but aren’t so much now. So, we made comics highlighting the stuff from the past that we should probably move on from.

1. Women gained financial independence.

Before 1974, women in the United States couldn’t have credit cards in their own names. They had to depend on male guardians for financial support. Then came the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, making it against the law for creditors to discriminate based on sex, race, religion, national origin, or marital status. This allowed women to finally apply for and use credit cards, gaining financial independence.

2. At times, societal expectations are just stereotypes that you don’t have to adhere to.

3. Setting personal boundaries is more crucial than trying to please everyone.

4. You don’t need to invite all your friends over to be a welcoming host.

5. We work on improving the quality of services for ourselves.

6. Leaving tips isn’t an obligatory thing; instead, it’s a way of expressing gratitude for good service.

7. In real life, a woman who expects a man to make the first move may seem ideal in books and movies, but things work differently in reality.

8. You don’t have to conceal your imperfections; just embrace them and enjoy life.

9. You don’t have to adhere to the dress code to attend a theater; all you need is a love for art.

10. There’s nothing wrong with finishing the last slice of pizza or sandwich. Why let it go to waste?

11. You don’t have to teach your children that older people are always right.

12. You shouldn’t be afraid to say no just to avoid potentially offending someone.

13. You don’t have to constantly appear flawless.

14. There was significant progress in the acceptance of different sexual orientations.

In the past, the LGBTQ+ community experienced discrimination and prejudice, often facing non-acceptance from many in society. However, in the contemporary world, attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals have evolved, becoming more accepting and inclusive. Many countries are passing laws annually to protect their rights and acknowledge their relationships.

As we celebrate the remarkable shift in societal norms and embrace the once-unthinkable as part of our daily lives, there’s an intriguing flip side waiting to be explored. Join us in our next article as we delve into the realms of nostalgia and uncover 12 things that were once commonplace but now seem to be fading away.


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