10+ Stereotypes That People Still Look Down Upon, But Women Shouldn’t Be Labeled For

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Life is short, and it’s silly to waste it on unimportant stuff. But still, women sometimes follow some outdated “standard” and feel ashamed of the most natural things. It’s time to stop. Today, we’re going to talk about the list of things women shouldn’t feel ashamed of.

Not covering up their “rings of Venus”

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Some people say that a woman’s neck gives away her true age. But this is not really true. The rounded wrinkles on the neck appear in both adults and children. They form in the womb during the 5-8th week of fetus development. The rings of Venus are more visible in some people and less in others. It’s just an anatomical feature.

Yes, the neck wrinkles may become deeper with age. But you shouldn’t worry about them, hide them, or rush to the beautician.

Showing imperfect legs

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Some girls may have been taught by their mothers or grandmothers to hide their imperfect legs under their pants and to never wear short skirts. We should get rid of this stereotype. Legs can be different: short and long, with cellulite and without it, with visible veins and birthmarks. It’s silly to be ashamed of them.

Not tattooing eyebrows

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We need eyebrows to express emotions. And eyebrow fashion changes quite fast. In the 1920s, thin brows were a hit. In the 2010s, women had thicker eyebrows, and in 2018, Rihanna appeared on a popular magazine cover with thin brows again. No matter what fashion tells us, it’s pointless to be ashamed of the natural look of eyebrows. And we don’t have to draw eyebrows every morning anymore.

Not whitening teeth and not having veneers

Even though commercials and movies show people with pearly-white teeth, we should remember that everyone has different teeth. Different enamel thicknesses and colors are absolutely natural.

Wearing pajamas or a robe to the grocery store

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Wearing a robe to the grocery store doesn’t make women less attractive. We don’t have to do a full face of makeup and choose the perfect outfit every time we go outside. Besides, pajamas are actually quite trendy, and modern clothing designs often look like them. So, it’s totally okay to wear pajamas when you need to get something from the grocery store around the corner.

Not applying makeup before leaving home

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Experts at the Renfrew Center Foundation did a study and found that almost 50% of women feel insecure when they don’t use makeup. But for several years now, more and more celebrities have been giving up makeup and showing off a more natural appearance. So, if celebrities can appear in public without makeup, why can’t we?

Wearing comfortable, but not very pretty shoes

Girls wear high heels because they make the body look fitter, even though heels are bad for our legs. And many women are ashamed of wearing comfortable shoes for a walk because they are not attractive enough.

But shoes with flat soles that help us maintain the right posture have become ordinary in the modern world and are even considered trendy.

Having wet circles on our armpits when it’s hot

Perspiration is a normal part of the body functioning. It helps us maintain a normal body temperature. If we couldn’t sweat, our bodies would literally be boiling from the inside.

We don’t feel ashamed when we sneeze. So, why should we worry about sweat stains in hot weather?

Not exercising your abs to make your belly look flat

It’s time to relax and start loving the healthy, powerful body you have. A very flat belly looks great in bikini, but in fact, in order to be healthy, the body fat percentage in a female about should be at least 20%.

Buying clothes on sale


Sales have become a part of sensible shopping. Many women look forward to sales to buy the things they like.

  • This is the best time to shop, as you get quality clothes at a lower price. But this is applicable only when you buy from your favorite brands. © Shikha Jindal / Quora

Single women having pets

Everyone has heard jokes about women having an insane number of cats. But if you really want to have a pet, should you really care about what anyone else thinks?

Studies show that communication with pets lowers our stress, makes solitude more bearable, improves our self-esteem, and helps us develop healthy habits. Besides, pets make us more empathetic and improve social connections. So, it’s pointless to care about other people’s silly jokes.

Not hiding behind clothes

Whether due to a medical condition, giving birth, or age, we should always be comfortable in our skin. We are the only ones who know what we are going through and what we went through. Our body is not showing what we lack but what we’ve endured and what made us stronger. We should be proud of it and not hide it behind clothes just to keep others’ eyes “clean.”

Sara Saeurts is a 32 years old model, and an example we should look up to. While she suffers from a condition that makes her skin baggy it doesn’t stop her to empower other women and to pursue her dreams. “Reminder: You are loved. You are worthy. You are beautiful!”

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