15 People Who Knew Exactly When to Press Their Shutter Buttons

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Timing is one of the most important things in photography and you can either wait for it or train yourself so you can recognize it. One method of training is to look at things in your daily life and think of the right moment to press “click”. You can take many photos and check which one was indeed the best moment. But sometimes, it’s not only a matter of synchronization but pure luck that helps you take amazing photos.

Taking a picture isn’t as simple as you might think and Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered 15 pictures that show how good timing plays a massive role in taking a great photo.

1. “An awkward prom pose?”

2. “A guy put his helmet on the trunk, resulting in a really long neck.”

3. “Petting my hound”

4. “She sat on the other end but looks like she’s lying in a floating box.”

5. He has the longest finger in the world.

6. “Cat socks.”

7. “Our friends with our dog on the beach.”

8. “Iguana photobomb”

9. “My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere.”

10. An Elmo woman is sleeping.

11. “My cat’s trying to eat his sister, who is so done with him.”

12. “A husky drives home.”

13. “Shadow and slope makes it look like he’s floating.”

14. “An airplane slices through the clouds.”

15. “Noticed a levitating man in our photo.”

Have you ever taken a picture that confused even yourself after you took a look at it? We would love to see them if you’d like to share them.


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