10+ Times Kids Made Their Parents Feel Like Characters in a Scary Movie

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We’ve probably all experienced things that send shivers down our spines from scary movies or worse, something that happened in real life. Scientists say we find creepy those things that our brains consider ambiguous, like masks or dolls. And if we interpret vague stuff little kids mumble in this way, it’s easy to simply get petrified.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some stories online from people whose children could direct a great horror movie.

  • I heard the one-year-old’s high chair move even though nobody was near it. I asked the three-year-old, “What was that?” and he said while pointing to the chair, “what is SHE doing here!?” © michaelchondria / Reddit
  • My oldest son used to tell me that when he couldn’t sleep, an old man would come and sit with him and tell him stories about cows and tractors, etc. Then we look through photos, and my son gets excited and points out the old man who talks to him while he falls asleep. It was my mother’s father who passed away when she was 18. He was a dairy farmer. © kyles05 / Reddit
  • My 3 year-old-daughter was going through the monsters-under-her-bed phase. One night she tagged me in. After 30 minutes, I grew pretty frustrated. In my last attempt, I promised my daughter that there weren’t any monsters under her bed. She replied, “I know. Now they’re behind you.” © YeahLikeTheGroundhog / Reddit
  • My daughter, at 4, was looking out the window and asked, “Where are all those people walking to?” I turned to look, and she was pointing to an empty cemetery. © beaglephd / Twitter
  • When my son was around 4 or 5 he said, “Do you remember back when I was big, and you were little, and we used to eat lunch by the river?” He’s named after my grandfather, who used to take me to the river for picnics. © reneestewart_13 / Twitter
  • When my oldest son was about 3 he asked one night at bedtime. “Mommy, I like you better than my fake mommy.”
    Me: “Who’s your fake mommy?”
    Him: “You can’t see her. She tucks me in after you do.” © labeille87 / Reddit
  • My two-year-old daughter called me up to her room about 10 minutes after I said goodnight. “Mummy, Daddy is watching me go to sleep”.
    He wasn’t, he was downstairs playing on his computer. When I told her this she replied, “No, pretend Daddy” she pointed at her wardrobe which was behind me in the dark room and she got real close and whispered, “I see him”. © TheSaladLeaf / Reddit
  • A kid once sat near a campfire and seemed to be lost in thoughts. I asked what he is thinking about. This 6 yr old said “I wish I was high up in space and the whole world was on fire. That would be beautiful.” © CleavageConneisseur / Reddit
  • 7: (silently sneaks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder)
    Me: “Yes?”
    7: (whispers into my ear) “Do not trust Siri. She doesn’t have eyes.” (Walks away)
    Who needs scary movies when you can just have kids? © PetrickSara / Twitter
  • My three-year-old son said, “Next time I’m a baby, I want to have green eyes.” I asked him if he had been a different baby before being who he currently is, and he squinted his eyes, looked at me like I was an idiot, and said, “Yes, papa.” © DecidedlyUnnecessary / Reddit
  • Our 2-year-old told us they wanted to ride a motorcycle. We said, “That’s dangerous.” They responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll wear a helmet this time.” © CKaczocha1 / Twitter
  • While sleeping in bed, I get a sense that someone is at the side of my bed. I slowly open my eyes to see my 5-year-old standing at the edge of the bed.
    Me: “What’s going on?”
    Him: “They’re coming for us.”
    Me: “What?”
    He proceeded to walk back to his bedroom and go to bed. Around this time, we discovered that he was a sleepwalker. © Knockemd*dkidd / Reddit

Has a child ever said anything seriously creepy to you? What did they say? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit michaelchondria / Reddit


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