20 People Who Got Their Looks Copy and Pasted From Their Relatives

2 years ago

You can never quite tell what your baby will look like. After all, it’s possible for 2 brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed baby, says a specialist. This means genetics are a game of chance, and some people have hit the jackpot because of how alike they are with a family member, sometimes even one who lived a hundred years before their time.

Bright Side tracked down those who are spitting images of their relatives and are showcasing their impressive photos here.

1. “My paternal grandfather and me”

2. “My grandma and me”

3. “My husband in 1992 on his parents’ truck and our son on our truck”

4. “I’ve long been told that I inherited my great-grandfather’s solemn Irish eyes.”

5. “My half-brother and his father, my stepfather”

6. “My great-great-uncle and me”

7. “My son’s resemblance to his second great-grandfather has blown us all away.”

8. “My dad at age 14 and me at 30”

9. “I look just like my mother.”

10. “I recently found out who my biological father really is. Turns out this handsome guy is where I got my looks from.”

11. “My dad in 1976, and me in 2012”

12. “My dad and my son at around age 4”

13. “Apparently I sit and talk just like my grandma, and I look like her too.”

14. “My grandfather and my son at the same age”

15. “Genes are crazy.”

16. Copy and paste was hit here.

17. “Me and my great-grandmother, who I share my name with”

18. “I’ve been told a lot that I look like my Finnish great-great-great-grandma.”

19. “My dad and me at age 20”

20. “My grandpa and I look very much alike, although my picture here doesn’t seem to represent it too well.”

Does anyone in your family resemble you? How far back have you been able to fill your family tree? Dust off your photo albums and share your stories and pics with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit MaximusWolf97 / Reddit


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