18 People Whose Expectations Fell Head First From the Top Floor

2 years ago

A majority of 62% of customers say that their buying choices are based a lot on the advertized picture of a product. Businesses are very well aware of this and that’s why they try to create the most exquisite images. The problem is that in many occasions these pictures are either fabricated or simply do not depict the product they are selling.

Now I’ve Seen Everything feels betrayed by just seeing these 18 shopping fails that should be prosecuted.

1. At this point, we just expect these types of fails.

2. “Bought new shoes online...”

3. “This is why I have trust issues.”

4. “Not a single chocolate chip to be found”

5. “A friend of mine bought an iPad off eBay for $5 that shipped from Hong Kong. At least shipping was free...”

6. “I bought this pool for my family, but I guess we won’t fit in it.”

7. “Supposed strawberry jam doughnuts.”

8. “This is the last time I buy a funky outdoor jungle rug online.”

9. “Was looking forward to an evening snack...”

10. At least the leaves are curly!

11. “Disappointing chocolate”

12. “Tried a new brand of chocolate chip cookies today.”

13. “I was slightly disappointed.”

14. “Completely inedible tempura maki. Why is it swimming in sauce?”

15. “This large wall tapestry my best friend bought me vs what actually came”

16. Where’s all the cream?

17. “I see spaghetti, however, I don’t see any carbonara.”

18. Is it definitely the same pizza?

What is the biggest disappointment that you’ve ever faced after buying something? Did you take it back and ask for a refund or did you make light of it?

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