15 Women Who Showed Us Their Cool Manicures and Made Us Shout, “They Nailed It!”

2 years ago

Some of us go to the nail salon and get spoiled, while others take matters into their own hands and go all in. Cat-eye magnetic polish, holographic powder, or intricate flower designs — the options really are limitless. Some say that painting your nails can be a therapeutic activity, and others just can’t imagine doing their nails for hours on end.

Keeping your nails neat, pretty, and tidy is something Now I’ve Seen Everything admires, and we found some designs that you can use as inspiration.

“Sweet and spooky floral ghosts”

“Can you guess whether I’m right or left-handed?”

“My friend doesn’t believe in herself and I can’t convince her that she has talent. This is her work.”

“I applied the nail polish to match the color of the cat’s eyes. It turned out exactly the same.”

“Red nail polish was chipping on the edges, so I turned my nails into cherry tomatoes.”


“I painted my nails to match my computer mouse.”

“The maximum length of my nails”

“My wife just opened her new nail salon. I had no idea that she could do such things.”

“I got some reflective polish and I am losing my mind over how cool it is.”

“I did these sunshine doodles with a toothpick.”

“I got pink almond-shaped nails with sparkles, and I feel feminine.”

“I work in a nursing home and I did the nails of a 90-year-old lady who loves to be glamorous sometimes.”

“Sunrise/sunset themed nail art”

“My marble technique is improving.”

Which of these nails would you love to get yourself? Do you have a favorite nail polish color?

Preview photo credit MissyCie / Reddit


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