10+ Times When the Strange Gizmos Mystery Would’ve Remained Unsolved If Not for Internet Users

8 months ago

The next time you encounter something bizarre that leaves you scratching your head, just remember that the internet is your trusty sidekick in solving life’s enigmas. Whether it is a common kitchen gadget with unusual detail or an absolutely incomprehensible thing you found in your backyard. Like the heroes of this article, in the blink of an eye they found an answer to what those odds are.

“Colorful, slightly stretchy cloth bands I found. I think you can use them for arts and crafts, but how? And what are they called?”

  • My daughter just got a rainbow loom bracelet kit for her birthday recently, so it was on the top of my mind. It’s still a loom thing though. Google search showed up a weaving loom but I think there’s various names. Lurking_Dinosaur / Reddit

“Found in the door panel of my car. Not sure where it came from or what it is for. The round end has a small pin hole. The round end is the heavier end.”

  • Glass breaker for emergencies. Small metal tip will shatter the window if you’re trapped. qwertyzeke / Reddit

“What is this thing? The inside opens up to empty space, it’s disconnected from the desk below.”

  • It’s a bed/lap desk. There’s supposed to be a metal bar underneath that slots into the wooden tray, so you can prop it up at different angles for reading and stuff. crunchsmash / Reddit

“What is the purpose of this little door in the door?”

  • It’s called a ’speakeasy’ and it’s for talking to someone without having to open the door. 3rdCoastTxn / Reddit

“My clothes pegs are all individually numbered. Why is that?”

  • Different molds have different numbers so if they start coming out of the machine messed up, they can identify which mold needs replacing. 3-cent-nickel / Reddit

“Just bought a house, found this hidden inside the front bushes. Screws in a wooden ball, looks like a mace. What was/is this used for?”

“What is this thing bolted near the door of our garbage disposal area in Germany? It’s a bit bigger than my fist. It’s not a lock.”

“My girlfriend brought it when we moved in. What is this?”

“What is this little ramp thingy on the bottom of a lotion bottle?”

  • It’s for the manufacturing of the product so that it can be turned while standing up. nohurrie32 / Reddit

“Found this small kettle years ago. Tried searching for a similar one but have always come up with nothing. Anybody have an idea why this has this unique shape? Wallet for scale.”

  • In Italy is called “la padella” = “the pan” and yes, it is used to pee when you cannot get out of bed. SkatingOnThinIce / Reddit

“Ok, I know it’s a chair, but what’s with the extended arms?”

  • It looks like a plantation/planters chair. You’d put your sore swollen legs up on the arms after sitting on a horse all day, like a pregnant woman with her legs up in the same fashion. This is why the back is so sloped as well. If you sit up straight it wouldn’t be comfortable to put your legs up like that, but in a reclined position it’s good for blood flow and air flow. ChesterDaMolester / Reddit
Preview photo credit Chwk540 / Reddit


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