15 People Who Came Across Unusual Objects and Were Left Scratching Their Heads

9 months ago

In our surroundings, we encounter countless objects whose purpose and origins often elude us. Before the Internet, it’s hard to fathom how people coped with such mysteries. However, we are fortunate to have access to the sharpest minds online, enabling us to unravel any enigma that crosses our path.

1. “Blue glass thing found at Goodwill. About 5 inches high with a hole in top.”

Answer: Nice find! It’s a whale oil lamp missing the top connector and wick.

2. “MIL left this behind after a move. It was plastic wrapped, never used. It has a mesh cover, small holes, and a plunger that presses into neither of them.”

Answer: Reusable tea bag strainer.

3. “Small elephant filled with water left at flat after party. Debating with flatmates over what its purpose could be.”

Answer: It’s a melted reusable ice cube.

4. “A pole with a ring around it and a heavy base.”

Answer: An umbrella holder.

5. “Triangular pocket on a loop. No elastic and is too small to be a hat.”

Answer: The loop hangs on a dooknob. It’s a May Day flower basket.

6. A white plastic stick that gets narrower in the middle, with small hands on both ends, given as a wedding favour/gift for guests.

Answer: Drink muddler stick.

7. “Pink, metal, spoon-like object hanging from the ceiling in a trailer.”

Answer: Seems to be a SmartHook installed on the ceiling for some odd reason.
Answer: It’s for hanging wet stuff.

8. “Found this small kettle years ago. Anybody have an idea why this has this unique shape? Wallet for scale.”

Answer: A portable men’s urinal for bedbound patients.

9. “My wife got this as a white elephant.”

Answer: This is a Himalayan calendar. The largest rung of 12 is the month, the next two are the days of the month (3, then up to 9), and the last four are the year in four digits.

10. “A ziplock bag tacked above a door. Seems to contain water and a few pennies. What could this be for?”

Answer: Homemade mosquito/fly deterrent. The light reflecting off the water and pennies is supposed to scare off pesky bugs.

11. “What are those veins on the egg?”

Answer: It tends to be because the hen has been sick with bronchitis. These eggs are safe to eat, though.

12. “I accidentally broke a toy egg and this green thing was in it?”

Answer: It is usually used to “trigger” some sound effect when used in combination with a toy pan (like, it begins to “fry” when put into the pan).

13. “What is this strange mirrored panel above the bath in my new UK apartment?”

Answer: Pretty sure that’s a TV.
Answer: 100% it’s a TV, the little vertical holes each side are the speakers.

14. What is the purpose of the “chip” in the one prong of this fork? It’s on multiple forks in my drawer.

Answer: They make one tine wider for cutting stuff, but the wider one wouldn’t stab as well as the others, so they gave it a clipped point.
Answer: It’s only on dessert forks because it’s acceptable etiquette to cut a dessert with a fork.

15. “What is this leather belt thing with a cup in the middle?”

Answer: Looks like a very old belt fishermen and anglers wear to seat the end of their fishing rods when reeling in something big.

Indeed, truth be told, the world is filled with an abundance of mysterious things that leave people in need of assistance. It could be stumbling upon enigmatic objects while walking down the street or discovering unexplainable phenomena within the confines of their own apartments.

Preview photo credit natalie_grrr / Reddit


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