19 Stories About Exes That Will Make You Appreciate Even Your Worst Breakup

2 months ago

Many times relationships don’t work out no matter how hard parts people try. In those cases, the best thing for everyone is to part on good terms and let love prevail as a nice memory of better times. However, there are some exes who let their darker side come out and make the other party wonder what on Earth happened to them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together stories of people whose exes could be in a horror movie.

  • While we were still married, she gets pregnant with the guy she was cheating on me with who is also married to someone else. She has this idea that he’s going to leave his wife and they’re going to get married. She got a lawyer and filed for divorce. Only thing is that he works for his wife’s father who is setting him up to take over when Daddy retires. He realized that getting a divorce means his cushy career is over, confesses everything to his wife and begs for her forgiveness. His wife takes him back and he cuts off my wife. © Bearlee55 / Reddit
  • Ex called my company, talked her way up the chain to the president of the company and told him I was unstable. Later I learned that she thought this would be a roundabout way of getting my address which I didn’t share with her. © FeatureNotAFlaw / Reddit
  • While we were separated and working on our divorce, he would come whine to me about relationship issues. With my cousin, with whom he’d had an affair and for whom he’d left me. Mind you, he’d moved in with not just her but her common-law husband. And then was upset by how many other boyfriends she had. © Grave_Girl / Reddit
  • Divorce finalized in May, she remarried to husband number 4 in October (so, yeah, I missed some red flags). © WeaselXP / Reddit
  • My ex husband started dating his step mom who has been in his life since he was 11 years old. His step mom and him are still together almost 5 years later. His step mom confessed her love of my ex to his dad a few years ago and they have since divorced. The dad is now dating a 21 year old. © LiquidSummerHaze / Reddit
  • She got married 7 more times! I was husband #1 when we were 18 years old, divorced by 20 years old, and now at 44 she is getting her 8th divorce... © RidgeRoad / Reddit
  • My ex-husband messages/calls me every November. Our divorce was finalized November 2015. Last time I decided not to answer because I’m in a committed relationship. But every year, like clockwork. © Splenda212 / Reddit
  • She removed the retaining clips for my windshield wipers, but put the wipers back on the arms. First storm after I got my car back from her, driver side wiper flew off the car on Interstate 40. Good times. © d***_sportwood / Reddit
  • His sister sent a Facebook message to all of his contacts the day of our separation (including my family). Before we announced anything, her message stated everyone should immediately delete me and if I said anything about why we separated I was lying and not to listen. Basically this created a lot of curious questions and a lot of laughs. © kriso921 / Reddit
  • Stalked me for 5 years. Would make fake social media profiles to try to follow me (which I would block endlessly) and would try to find where I worked so she could talk to me. This lady cheated on me with 7 different men 2 months after we were married. When we had our day in court she cried in the judges office. After, my dad was with me and he threw 50 dollars at her and told her to “change her last name.” Good guy Pops. © Letharos / Reddit
  • Called me the night before his wedding to his second wife and asked me if it was really over. He said “this was our last chance to be together. Are you sure it’s over?” The night before he got remarried. Let that just marinate a little. I guess he didn’t think me asking for the divorce, paying for it and filing the paperwork wasn’t the clue it was over.. © BMT_Nurse / Reddit
  • We weren’t married but we’d been engaged for two years. I didn’t want to oversee her collecting her things due to previous issues so being young and naive I told her to grab her stuff and drop the flat keys through my parents letterbox. When I got back home in the evening her and her family had loaded up every piece of furniture, pots and pans, bedding, white goods, food and even personal items and taken them away. I found out later that she had driven most of it straight to the local tip and dumped it. © bai1000 / Reddit
  • My coworker finally got divorced after 2 years of trying to work it out with her hubby. She had a disabled child that her ex refused to help with and pay child support. She decided to sell her engagement ring, diamond wedding band and several pieces of jewelry her ex gave her over the year and that she was able to keep after the divorce. EVERY GEM WAS FAKE. Her jeweler told her that gems has been recently swapped out for fakes. So the two years she was working it out with her ex, he was replacing all her jewelry with fakes. © Borgqueen- / Reddit

What do you think is the key to maintaining a good relationship with your ex-partner after splitting up?

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So the two years she was working it out with her ex, he was replacing all her jewelry with fakes - nice!


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