12 Chilling Bones Stories from People Who Faced Spooky Movie Moment in Life

3 weeks ago

Sometimes, when we watch scary movies, we get scared and jump up when something creepy happens on the screen. But you know, life can also bring us moments that feel just as scary or surprising. And these stories are a real proof to it.

  • Me and my girlfriend, now wife, used to rent a flat in what is well known as one of the roughest places in my city. One night, my girlfriend went to the toilet and claimed she could hear what could only be described as a hurt animal. So I went into the bathroom to see if I could hear it too. I could hear it, a loud, shrill noise that shivered my spine. Being an animal lover, my girlfriend immediately suggested we go look for it just in case whatever it was could be rescued from whatever had happened to it.
  • So we got dressed and went to walk down the path. What me and my girlfriend then saw curled my toes and is something that I won’t forget ever. We saw the source of the sound and with only a second’s hesitation ran back to our flat. We saw a man wearing only some shorts crouched down making this howling noise, what was worse was that he was surrounded by about 10 plush toys. We only caught it for a second, but it was one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. © hustladafox / Reddit
  • At 3:00 AM, I noticed someone walking in the hallway toward my bedroom. My bedroom door was open, and I saw the shadow through the gap in the door. Terrified, I watched as they quietly walked into my bedroom.
    But as they entered, I realized it was just a birthday balloon that had been on the ceiling for three months prior. It was deflated enough to hover and was slowly moving into my bedroom due to the airflow from my fan. © RollerDerby88 / Reddit
  • While wild camping in the middle of a dense forest, I was abruptly awakened around 2 am by the sound of a girl crying not too far away. Unsure of what to do, I waited anxiously. She continued crying for about 15 minutes, then I heard a guy say, “Oh, come on now, let’s go home.” After that, there was silence. It really scared me. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My girlfriend was asleep on the top floor. We live in a 3-story house. A month or so after we moved in, I went downstairs in the morning and went to the back door. I’ve never told my girlfriend about this, I know there wouldn’t be a chance she’d be able to sleep if I did. It was quite cold and there was condensation on the window. That’s when I noticed a hand print on the glass, as though someone had been looking in. There are train tracks behind our garden, so it is possible for people to walk across them at night. Seeing as our house is a new build, I believe that the individual was looking to see if the house was occupied and was looking for copper pipes. © Beanstalk93 / Reddit

  • My parents’ house is over a hundred years old. When I was in high school, I would get friends together, and we would hang out and “ghost hunt.” Usually, nothing ever happened, but one night, we were there by ourselves.
    No lights on, no TV on, dead quiet. We left a digital camera in the hallway, recording for sound. When we played back the recording, we could clearly hear someone talking. We still have no idea what it was, but that house has always felt off. © blandersblenders1 / Reddit
  • One night a couple of years ago, I was in bed with my cat asleep at my feet. I was on my phone browsing Reddit when out of nowhere, he woke up, stood up, and turned to the doorway (which was closed). Then he arched his back and started hissing and growling, that creepy low-pitched meow cats do.
    He was staring at the doorway, at eye level if a person were standing there. He did that for a couple of minutes, then he just suddenly stopped and went back to sleep next to me as if nothing had happened. I was freaked out and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. © xyz66 / Reddit
  • House sitting for my boyfriends’ family. A big 4-floor townhouse. Sound asleep. Woke in terror as I heard doors bang open with such force I could hear them bounce off the wall as they slammed against it. Fearful, someone has broken in and no doubt in my mind of what I had heard, I hid under the bed. After 5–10 minutes I figured I would have heard movement but nothing so I went to investigate. Nothing, no one, all doors bolted shut.
  • Let out a sign of relief and leant against the wall. Looked up into a mirror opposite and my stomach plummeted like it was filled with rocks. Beside me on the wall was a painting of text, calligraphy and gold type of thing. Turned completely on it’s side. It didn’t even make physical sense. Hanging from a single nail, how could it turn without someone, or something forcing it and holding it there? Never slept there alone again. My brain cannot compute what happened that night. © frysgirl / Reddit
  • When I was 15, my parents went away for a weekend. I had gone to sleep but was woken up by strange noises of voices. I came downstairs to find the TV on static with the volume at maximum, a radio tuned to a late-night talk show, the oven manually turned on, and the fridge open. All doors and windows were locked, yet I still can’t explain it. I didn’t sleep a wink all night. © zealousmemelord / Reddit
  • I was camping in northern Michigan with a few friends. We set up some tents by a river branch down there. Probably 2 hours or so before sunset, everything goes quiet except for the river for around 30 odd seconds.
    During that time, I could hear whistling a way off across the river. It was the tensest moment of my life. It’s hard to describe why it affected me so much, but my mates and I never went back that way. © LosParanoia / Reddit
  • I worked as a receptionist between 2013 and 2015 in a hotel whose owner would close it during the low season, but always kept me there to keep an eye on the place. For some reason, in the middle of the room area, there was an indoor garden with some trees.
    One night when I got there, I heard a noise from that area and went there without turning the lights on. The small trees were shaking as if someone was playing on them. I got close to the branches and they kept moving. I stood there for a while and saw nobody but me. I ended up ignoring it and went to the reception.
    There were also some other weird episodes in the same hotel. © W**zitec / Reddit
  • I was driving home on a dark, country road when two cars suddenly turned their lights on, blocking the road ahead. I stopped a ways away, noticing two guys standing in the lights. I quickly flipped my car around and sped off towards the police station. As I drove, I realized that someone was following me with their lights off. © Unknown author / Reddit

  • My boyfriend and I live in a teeny tiny house next to a massive mansion on some old farmland. Essentially we live in the old caretaker’s home. One day over the summer, while my boyfriend was away for work, I decided to go outside and do some gardening. A couple of hours later I hear someone scream, “Help me!” coming from the direction of the mansion. I paused for a second to see if my ears were deceiving me, and hear another scream: “Someone PLEEAAAAASE help me!!!!” Absolutely blood-curdling. It was a woman’s voice, so I assumed it was the wife. I start calling out her name and saying, “I’m coming!! Where are you? Where are you?!” But she doesn’t respond and just keeps screaming for help. I run up the driveway, sprint to the side yard where the pool is, and find the wife standing on one of the pool chairs.

    She looks totally shocked to see me. Completely out of breath, I ask her, “Are you ok?” She says, “No!!! There was a massive snake!! Do you see it?!” I just burst out laughing. I don’t like snakes either, but god-damn, those pleas for help were a wee bit dramatic, no? I told her the snake was gone and just walked home after that. Such a scary moment for a whole lot of nothing. © knopecando / Reddit

Sometimes, unexpected moments happen and make us feel scared. It could be a sudden noise in the dark or a spooky encounter that sends shivers down our spine. Just like in movies, these moments can make our hearts pound and our hairs stand on end. So, whether it’s on the screen or in real life, those creepy moments can catch us off guard!

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