Steal the Spotlight: How to Look Better with Celebrity Tips

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Beauty standards today can be tough to live up to, especially for famous people who are constantly under scrutiny. Some celebrities turn to tricks such as the no makeup makeup look. Others opt for wardrobe choices that play with body shape or follow skincare routines to keep their skin looking youthful. Regardless of their methods, some even defy age entirely because stars in their 50s look 20.

Jennifer Lopez makes her lips look bigger.

To make thin lips appear bigger, Jennifer Lopez always increases the natural outline by 1-2 mm using pencils of natural colors.

Julianne Moore’s favorite color is green.

It’s easy to tell the favorite color of a celebrity by just looking at their clothes. Rihanna, for example, likes red, Julianne Moore likes green, and Angelina Jolie’s favorite color is black. Your favorite color can become part of your unique style.

Kate Middleton prefers culottes over ordinary pants.

The Duchess really loves culottes and shows off how to wear them right. Properly selected models make them look less formal. If you haven’t dared to wear culottes yet, try pleated culottes that look like a skirt. Paired with a shirt and pumps, they look elegant and can become proper attire even for the office.

Salma Hayek doesn’t wash her face in the morning.

Washing your face is one of the first things many people do when they wake up. However, for Salma Hayek, it’s best to wait until the end of the day. The actress explains that her grandmother taught her that skin regenerates when you sleep, and that washing your face first thing in the morning removes the oils and pH that your skin restored during the night.

Celebrities get a haircut 2 weeks before an important event.

The stylists who work with Hollywood actresses shared a secret — they give a haircut to their clients 2 weeks before an important event. Then they recommend applying a nourishing mask to the hair one day before the event. This will help the hair look gorgeous.

Penélope Cruz opts for a minimalist aesthetic.

By choosing a minimalist outfit, a celebrity demonstrates that they can look gorgeous even in a simple dress. Nowadays, this approach is very popular because its main principle is choosing matching items. Thanks to this approach, you can save a lot of time shopping.

Jennifer Aniston lies down in cars to keep her outfits from getting wrinkled.

Many celebrities prefer wearing elaborate dresses on the red carpet. In order to keep them from wrinkling, they are actually lying down in their car seats instead of sitting in them. “No wrinkles... Harder than it looks!” wrote Jennifer Aniston in her post showing her lying down in the car on the way to the SAG Awards.

Victoria Beckham wears ultra-long pants.

Victoria Beckham loves ultra-long pants. She especially likes when hemlines are trailing on the ground. This style makes her legs look really long. But for everyday life, it’s sufficient to just cover the heels.

Kate Hudson dips her face in ice water.

Kate Hudson’s long career has led her to work with many makeup artists, so it’s not surprising to learn that she often makes use of a few tricks she’s seen the pros do when going through her personal care routine. The actress says that one tip she learned to bring a tired face back to life and put color in her cheeks is to soak her face in ice water for a minute.

Anne Hathaway chooses straight and flared jeans.

The actress’s favorite fashion trick is pairing jeans with a blazer. This combination looks chic in everyday life. Anne prefers flared jeans that emphasize her silhouette and look good with any top from a sweater to a blouse.

Kim Kardashian likes to emphasize her curves.

Kim is proud of her curves and emphasizes them. She recommends having a good tailor to make sure everything fits perfectly. She rarely wears oversized clothes because they distort proportions and make the silhouette look heavier. Her principle of choosing fitted clothes is good for everyday life too.

Reese Witherspoon freshens up her everyday look with bright accessories.

Reese’s everyday style includes not only feminine outfits but also jeans and cardigan combos. And she always adds a bright accent in the shape of a colorful bag or shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker gives more volume to her upper body.

Sarah Jessica Parker may be considered a style icon, because she knows how to present her advantages and carefully hide her flaws. For example, this celebrity improves the shape of her bust with clothing on her upper body. Instead of fixing what could be considered a body flaw with plastic surgery, SJP uses well-chosen clothing.


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