My Jealous Boyfriend Covertly Destroys My Hobbies to Make Me Spend All My Free Time With Him

4 months ago

Taking time for oneself within a relationship is not only beneficial but can also enhance the connection between partners. Unfortunately, our reader’s boyfriend insists that she dedicate all her free time to him. Even when he’s merely watching videos, her presence is deemed obligatory. His jealousy of her hobbies reached an unsettling point, leading him to commit a hurtful act that left our reader horrified.

We received a message from one of our readers.

We’re sorry to hear about your situation. We’re here to help and have some tips that might be useful.

File a police report.

Your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend has damaged your belongings and acted insultingly. Although it may not initially appear report-worthy, it’s advisable to file a police report. Capture photos of the damaged items and consider obtaining a restraining order. Taking these precautions is crucial to address the current situation and guard against the potential escalation of harm.

Break up with him.

It’s clear that your boyfriend doesn’t care about the things that are meaningful to you. He can easily destroy them, knowing that it hurts you. This is a big red that you shouldn’t ignore. By ruining your hobbies, he marks his authority and forces you to live the way he wants. Break up with him and don’t give in to his pleas to stay, he won’t change.

Protect yourself.

The issue extends beyond your hobbies; it revolves around your well-being. His actions, punishing you for not providing constant attention, align with traits commonly associated with narcissism. The concern escalates as he may resort to causing physical harm, perhaps disguising it as an “accident.”

The situation is deeply troubling, given the demonstrated cruelty and hostility from your boyfriend. It’s important not to be swayed by his apologies and to avoid engaging in arguments. Prioritize your safety by discreetly planning your escape. Revealing your intentions may prompt him to take extreme measures to prevent you from leaving.

Seek assistance from your friends or family.

If you choose to leave, ensure you do so with a trusted friend or family member who can provide protection. It’s advisable to move out and cut ties with your boyfriend entirely, as continuing to live under the same roof may pose serious risks. Reach out to someone for assistance promptly; don’t wait until the situation deteriorates further. Acting swiftly is crucial for your well-being.

Not only can hobbies lead to conflicts, but so can the names of your own children. In this article, a reader shared that her husband named their daughter after his high school sweetheart and is seeking advice.


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