12 People Who Completed Their Journey to a New Smile and Now They Look Completely Different

6 months ago

Embarking on drastic changes to our appearance can be a challenging decision, especially when they demand considerable time and effort. However, it’s never too late to begin the journey toward reaching your goals. People featured in our article serve as clear examples, showcasing the significant results attainable through the choice to undergo orthodontic treatment.

“2 years in the making. Braces are finally off!”

“I was nervous to get braces at 28 years old!”

“But after being in a toxic relationship for 7 years when my then-boyfriend didn’t want me to get braces, I am happy I took the chance to make my dreams come true!”

“Two and a half years and they’re off! Had to remove 2 teeth — it took ages for the gap to close, and I was afraid it would always look crooked.”

“I had braces for almost 2 years. It was life-changing.”

“2.5 years later + some bonding/composite on my front teeth. Very happy with it.”

“5 years of braces and 1 jaw surgery later.”

“I was born without two teeth on top and the four on the bottom. I also do not have three of my wisdom teeth. After almost 2.5 years, I finally got my braces off.”

“Braces off today! Before and after!”

The journey from January 2021-March 2023.

1 year of braces.

“Underbite before and after. Happy with the result.”

“7 years in braces, glad to say the journey is finally over!”

Time can have an astonishing effect on both people’s appearance and various objects, as we have had the opportunity to observe while examining the photos of users in our other compilation.

Preview photo credit jordsmay / Reddit


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