12 Relationship Truths We Often Overlook on the First Dates

6 months ago

In the days of our youth, elders always shared their wisdom on relationships. At the time, it might have sounded cliché and out-of-date, but as we’ve matured, we’ve come to understand their wisdom. There are fundamental truths to hold onto in relationships, as they form the bedrock for enduring connections.

“Choose wisdom and end the argument, there’s no need to have the last word.”

“Look for a man with hands of gold.”

“Be generous with kind words.”

“Love means respect. You need to respect the person next to you.”

“Happiness loves silence.”

“Don’t try to change him.”

“You can’t cheat your heart. Listen to it.”

“Make a savings account.”

“If there is no reason for jealousy, it’s silly to feel jealous; when the reason is there, it’s too late to do anything about it.”

“Choose a generous partner.”

“Relationships are a compromise. You need to learn to listen not only to yourself.”

“Serious transgressions shouldn’t be forgiven twice.”

Building long-lasting, happy relationships is hard work. Take a look at the signs of harmonious relationships and assess the strength of your bond with your partner.


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