13 Myths Movies Are Fully Responsible for Making Us Believe

11 months ago

The captivating realm of movies holds a special place in our hearts. It is a place where we can witness a police officer crawl through ventilation shafts or a British special agent confidently striding towards the screen, set against an explosion in the background. Naturally, such occurrences exist solely within the imaginative minds of movie directors, yet our longing to believe in these thrilling cinematic moments remains unwavering.

1. Wet clothes are not better than no clothes at all.

2. Not exactly how CCTV screens work.

3. A source of water is not the first thing you need to find in a desert.

4. Piranhas aren’t the flesh-eating monsters we think.

5. The myth of people-swallowing quicksand.

6. Boiled water is not always 100% safe to drink.

7. So many myths about airplanes.

8. The sun is not yellow.

9. Ventilators aren’t as big as we think.

10. This is how museums protect their valuables.

11. Playing hard-to-get doesn’t always work.

12. That’s not really how cars work.

13. Staying friends after a relationship is very hard.

Sometimes movies alter historical facts to make their picture look more appealing and other times they stay 100% accurate in their depictions. And some other times they simple make mistakes hoping nobody will notice.


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