20 Pics That Are Luckier Than Winning the Lottery

year ago

Sometimes a lucky accident can turn an ordinary photo into a funky piece of art. All it takes is a coincidence caught on camera at the perfect moment. But these confusing, unexpected and fascinating snaps are so rare to happen, and this is what makes them all the more precious.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share with you a collection of tricky photos that will amuse you and surprise you all at the same time.

1. ’’The water bending skills are strong with this one.’’

2. Magic cat

3. This woman must have giant feet.

4. “Good luck solving this cat puzzle.”

5. Does this guy have a ponytail or not?

6. Is it floating or is the color of the ground deceiving?

7. “These burnout marks”

8. “My friend feeding an antelope”

9. ’’This wasp was captured right in front of my eye.’’

10. A person wearing a hoodie or a dog looking at us?

11. “Friends sitting on a ledge with a reflection on the river”

12. “Yeah, we all love the pow. But where are my corn harvesters at?”

13. It’s unbelievable how things can float.

14. “This wall that looks like you can see through it”

15. “The goblin under the staircase”

16. “This is a giant hole, but it kind of just looks like a little hole in the ground. You can see tiny humans on the top side of the hole.”

17. “A single pic or a collage?”

18. “My dogs have merged together.”

19. “Taken at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.”

20. Levitating rocks

Which of the images above put your mind in a blender and made you wonder if your eyesight is okay?

Preview photo credit paulathekoala95 / reddit


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