“She’s a Child in Lingerie,” David Beckham’s Daughter, 12, Sparks Online Controversies Wearing a Slip Dress

8 months ago

At the tender age of 12, David and Victoria’s daughter, Harper, reigns as the cherished princess within the illustrious Beckham family. Despite their earnest efforts to maintain her down-to-earth nature, occasional indulgences are lavished upon her. However, the most recent birthday gift she received has faced significant criticism from users across various social media platforms.

She is the princess of the house.

David and Victoria Beckham have achieved great success in separate domains. David rose to fame in the world of football, while Victoria made a name for herself as a celebrated musician before venturing into the business world and becoming a successful mogul.

As a formidable duo, this British football legend and his Spice Girls’ luminary wife united their destinies, embracing the joys of parenthood, and basking in the blessing of four extraordinary offspring. Their family consists of three sons: Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, along with a daughter named Harper.

Of their four children, the youngest, Harper, holds a cherished place as the princess of the house. With her remarkable resemblance to her mother, Victoria, Harper’s fashion sense reflects that of her stylish mom, and there’s a strong possibility she may be following in her footsteps.

They threw an incredible birthday bash for Harper and went above and beyond to spoil her.

Growing up in a household of accomplished individuals, Harper is sure to have ample opportunities to explore her passions and potential. The unwavering support and encouragement from the Beckham family will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping her into the person she aspires to be, while also treating her to extravagant gifts and celebrations.

Recently, the family celebrated Harper’s 12th birthday in style, showering her with lavish gifts and hosting a small party at the Prada Caffè. Harper showcased her unique fashion sense, confidently rocking a long lilac slip dress and carrying a sparkling bag worth $ 2 700.

The dress she wore ignited online controversies.

Victoria’s decision to share pictures of Harper at her Prada party triggered a flurry of comments in the section, with many people voicing their opinions on Harper’s slip dress and expressing concerns over its appropriateness for her age.

The comment section became a platform for strong opinions about Harper’s attire. One user wrote, “That dress is inappropriate for a 12 year old... Stop dressing her too old!” Another remarked, “She is a child in lingerie. It’s not right.”

The entire discussion sparked conversations about the delicate balance between adult and children’s fashion and its potential impact on young minds.

The influence of famous figures like Harper Beckham wearing certain styles can inadvertently set trends and create a gray area between kid-appropriate and adult-inspired clothing. Nonetheless, the Beckham kids stay grounded and humble, thanks to David and Victoria’s intentional efforts to prevent them from growing up overly privileged. The couple is devoted to instilling values that foster humility and a true gratitude for life.

Victoria eloquently expressed their approach, stating, “David and I explain to the children what privileged lives they lead. We tell them that in many places worldwide, children are hungry, homeless, and sick.”

The Beckhams undeniably stand as a remarkable family. Despite the controversies that sometimes surround their affluent and extravagant lifestyle, the love that unites them is unparalleled and has persevered for over two decades. Their journey offers valuable lessons to be learned, not just from them but also from other long-lasting couples.

Preview photo credit victoriabeckham / Instagram


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