13 People Who Had to Experience Firsthand What “Expectation vs Reality” Really Means

year ago

We often buy things just because we like the packaging on the shelf or pictures online, and we hope that the thing we’ve purchased will meet our expectations. However, pictures don’t always correspond to reality, leaving us totally disappointed. This is what happened to the people featured in our article.

“The microwave meal I had today looked like this.”

“The packaging says 8 slices, but it’s actually 4 slices cut in half.”

“The most expensive small cornetto that turned out to be even smaller”

And where’s the rest?

“This was supposed to be a shrimp burger.”

“Possibly the grossest frozen meal of all time. Microwaved sadness!”

“$140 perfume — what the website said I was getting (left) vs what I actually got”

Picture vs reality

“A jewelry kit that promised much more than it actually gave”

This is why it’s more important to look at the weight of the product than at its packaging.

“While standing in line at the check-out, I noticed that the amount of candy in each box was different. The boxes were not damaged.”

“They could have put 2 extra biscuits.”

“I decided to order an expensive cake for my son’s first birthday. The baker assured me that he could easily make it. On the big day, I sent my husband to get the cake, and he brought this.”


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