15+ Beauty Salon Fails That Will Make You Never Want to Go Back

10 months ago

Beauty salons promise us a chance to unwind and enhance our looks, but sometimes the transformation takes an unexpected turn. Miscommunication and artistic differences with stylists can lead to makeovers that leave us far from delighted. Brace yourself for some hilarious tales of regret as we delve into the world of makeover fails.

1. “Worst pro nails ever? Quite possibly.”

2. “I guess I got what I paid for with this free look.”

3. “Had to go to a new nail tech because mine was on holiday. What do you think?”

4. “Help! Horrible highlights”

5. “My new cut, what do you think?”

6. “Does my haircut make me unattractive? I’m willing to do anything with this.”

7. “6-hour nude French tips”

8. “I spent almost $100 and around 9 hours at the salon for this.”

9. “Am I unreasonable for wanting my money back?”

10. “Is this a bad haircut?”

11. “Pearl/chrome coat on my nails is peeling away.”

12. “First picture is how my friend’s wedding makeup artists did me. The second picture is after I went home and fixed what I could.”

13. “And I tipped her $10...”

14. “Can’t work out what’s been done wrong with my bob cut.”

15. “My sister’s friend got her nails done by a ‘professional’ nail artist.”

16. “First-time dip — advice, please! Are these too thick? I paid $75 to a nail tech for these!”

After experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to tears, let’s delve into the inspiring stories of individuals who underwent incredible makeovers. Their only regret? Not embarking on the transformation sooner.


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