13 Times Nature Proved That Uniqueness Is Its Second Name

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Mutations might seem like they belong mostly to sci-fi movies where the main character obtains supernatural abilities. However, they actually are a normal part of the life of all species. For example, scientists say that humans went through a burst of mutations 15,000 — 2000 years ago which in evolutionary terms means fairly recently.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some pics of people and animals who prove that nature truly values uniqueness.

1. “Doing a thumbs up never really works.”

2. “The cardinal in my yard had a bald head.”

3. “Teeny tiny itty-bitty froggo.”

4. “My little bro used to be self-conscious about his foot, but now he couldn’t care less about it.”

5. “This albino porcupine I saw in a tree.”

6. “My fish’s birthmarks make it look like it has facial hair.”

7. “My buddy’s cat has been blessed with an additional bean.”

8. “I was born with 12 fingers and toes. All fully functional. Here are my baby pictures.”

9. “My albino kitten’s translucent ears.”

10. “I have a rare genetic disease that made me deaf in one ear, made my hair white, and gave me eyes that are different colors.”

“I was 23 y.o. when I took this pic.”

11. “Both of my eyes are split between 2 colors.”

12. “This squirrel”

13. “This Cedar Waxwing has 2 heads.”

What’s one thing about yourself that you didn’t like when you were younger, but are proud of now? What do you do that society would deem different? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit diverareyouok / Reddit


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