15 Animal Pics That Turned Out to Be Rare Gems

2 years ago

It takes a second to take a nice photo, but loads of luck to capture that one special moment. It’s especially challenging when the “model” is an animal. Fortunately, some folks were blessed with great timing, and the results are fascinating and hysterical pics of their furry buddies and wild pals.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a selection of unique animal photos that would be impossible to recreate.

1. “It looks like there is fire in my blind dog’s eyes.”

2. “This is Betty and she hates every single one of you.”

3. “My dogs appear to have merged this morning.”

4. “My husband captured this photo of my dog and me. It perfectly describes the partnership I’ve built with her!”

5. “My husband thought installing these blinds would stop cats from jumping on a windowsill.”

6. “The last picture of Hand Banana before he licked me on the face. You can see his intent.”

7. “My dog’s flopped-over ear looks like the face of a baboon.”

8. “My partner clips horses for a living, this one is pretty awesome.”

9. “The cat yawned during a picture revealing the spines in her mouth.”

10. “This insect that looks like an alien”

11. “Sometimes Noodle prefers to have his existential crisis in the fridge.”

12. “Why take a drive when you can become a Disney princess?”

13. “This moth my neighbor’s dog found”

14. “Anxiously awaiting toy retrieval...”

15. “This seagull is about to catch a fry (featuring some funny facial expressions in the background).”

What is the rarest moment you’ve ever captured? How often do you take pictures?

Preview photo credit jaymieo / Reddit


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