15 Heartwarming Photos That May Make You Smile

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Looking at pictures of cute animals and other aww-worthy images reduces your stress and can even positively affect your blood pressure. Indeed, when you see a picture that puts a smile on your face it seems like all your troubles can fade away for a few moments. With that in mind, we gathered 15 adorable photos that could definitely give you your daily dose of good vibes.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything couldn’t stop smiling as we scrolled through these cute pictures, and we’re truly grateful to the people who shared them with all of us.

1. “Big brother watching little brother get his first kiss on his birthday.”

2. “My son likes to randomly hug other children at playgrounds. This kid’s face...”

3. “First-time dad at 37. Been waiting my entire life for him.”

4. “That moment you see your mom for the first time in 2.5 years”

5. “My daughter witnessing a light show for the first time”

6. “My good girl on her way to her going away party”

7. “This is Dr. Peach. He delivered me (in 1989) and both of my children (2016 & 2020). He’s retiring.”

8. Thanksgiving 2011 and 2021

9. “My grandpa and his bird eating breakfast with their matching hairstyles”

10. “If nothing changes, nothing changes. 10 years have passed, 7 stones lost, 6 dress sizes dropped, 2 hours faster. Never give up!!”

11. “My dad had a stroke 2 years ago. These are the receipts from his last ride: 3,000+ miles.”

12. “My dad’s first moments as a pharmacist, and his last.”

13. “My daughter, born after 2 consecutive miscarriages. We’ve been trying for almost 3 years.”

14. “My parent’s 65th anniversary is today. They have lit this candle every one of those 65 years.”

15. “Our first daddy-daughter date”

What is the most unforgettable moment you’ve ever experienced? Who is the most generous person in your life who deserves a shout-out?

Preview photo credit rraaaaaawwwwwwrrrr / Reddit


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