17 Situations Where People Had Just One Job but Still Failed

2 years ago

A laptop that has a keyboard with grey letters, a shower shelf angled so that nothing can stay put, or traffic lights showing solid red and green at the same time — some things seem to exist with the sole purpose of annoying us. However, to err is human, so we all make mistakes from time to time. In such situations, all we can do is to try to take the mishaps lightly.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have found some hilarious photos that make us wonder, “How could someone mess up so bad?”

1. “The shelf in my shower is at an angle, and nothing stays put in it.”

2. “This traffic light is showing solid red and green at the same time.”

3. “This parking lot at my grandparents’ house”

4. “Trained everyone up on the security system.”

5. “Why?”

6. “Fixed the clock, boss!”

7. “Even German efficiency takes a break on the weekends.”

8. “The keys on my new laptop are practically invisible because the manufacturer thought gray on silver was a great idea.”

9. “We fixed it.”

10. “Best manhole cover ever”

11. “If you can’t fix it, make it work for you.”

12. “Some non-municipal company started digging up my neighbors’ lawn and mine with no disclosure to put some internet service in, broke all the sprinkler systems...”

13. “The whole side was barely attached. No worries though, it’s nothing 2 poorly positioned yellow straps can’t fix!”

14. “It’s been like this for years.”

15. “What is this even supposed to say?”

16. “This motel has a sign that says ’sorry’ and nothing else.”

17. “I am so confused.”

What have you seen recently that was done in a way that made you laugh and exclaim, “Are you kidding?!”

Preview photo credit PettyDangleberry / Reddit


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