15 Body Transformation Before and After Photos

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Every day some people decide to make a change in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a more positive body image, and the before-and-after’s are beyond inspiring.

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with a collection of moving stories about weight loss journeys.

1. “Loose skin is hard and the journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m living in ways I couldn’t before. Healthier and stronger!”

This woman looks absolutely unbelievable after her stellar body transformation. We love that she was able to keep her curves intact, but at the same time was able to lose a lot of fat. But her face also needs a separate praise, what a beauty! Fantastic before and after pics, we’d subscribe to her lifestyle blog for the tips if she had one.

2. “Feeling motivated and self-disciplined”

What an amazing transformation! Losing weight did a huge number on his face, it has a completely different shape and his eyes opened up so much. Even the nose kinda looks different. We also think that getting rid of the hair was a right move, he looks so much more put together now. Self love does wonders to people.

3. “The first picture was February 2020, and 2 years later I’m glad I kept this shirt so I could do a comparison.”

Slow and steady most certainly win the race! We love when people keep it real about their transformations. It does not happen overnight, patience and consistency lead to much more sustainable results, so this girl did it right! She looks like a much healthier woman. And it is indeed so great that she kept the shirt, it really lets us see the results. We also see a new tattoo, you go, girl!

4. “Been a wild past year and I’ve grown a neck. Still honestly so crazy to me but I feel so much better.”

Now we are having a hard time believing this is the same person, but we will roll with it. Indeed, he looks incredible, we are even getting some Pete Davidson vibes? Awesome to hear that losing fat made him feel so much better in his body, that’s the ultimate goal of any weight loss.

5. “Gals, don’t think more about it. Don’t hear the bad comments. Go for it, then work hard. Every day.”

Thank you for the awesome motivation! She is right, anyone who wants to go through a body transformation needs to stop with the excuses, stop listening to haters, and start respecting your body. This girl looks so lovely in her before and after pics, we are very proud of her results.

6. “Gastric sleeve in June 2019, 325 lbs to 140/144 lbs”

We absolutely love that she might have lost a lot of weight, but she did not lose her spark. Look at that awesome hair! Plus, now we can see that she is able to wear whatever she wants after her transformation, which highlights her character even more. She is very cool and we are happy she embraced everything about herself.

7. “From waddling around mini golf to running my first 5k.”

We have a special degree of respect for marathon runners. It takes so much work and endurance to do something like this. Running a marathon can actually become a great goal that will help you achieve the ultimate weight loss you might be struggling to achieve. Not only are you working on bettering yourself, you’re training towards a very real goal, we can not think of a better motivation.

8. “Still need to lose about 100 lbs to hit my goal.”

We think he already looks pretty nice, but if you set a goal for yourself, then you must stick to it. We might need to keep an eye on this guy, we are very curious to see his transformation once he is at his goal weight. Stand by for amazing before and after pics!

9. “After 23 months, I FINALLY made it. My journey isn’t over but I’m super, duper proud of myself.”

We are proud of her as well! This is what we have been talking about, she took her time to lose weight the healthy way, even though it took almost two years. She is teaching us that your journey to your dream body can be long and hard, but, ultimately, the results are worth it.

10. “Submental liposuction, week 9 update”

Oh wow, this girl’s face looks so much more different! It is insane what a good chin transformation can do to your entire face. What we love the most is how much confidence this girl clearly gained. Her clothes, her hair, her makeup, everything points to her newfound self love and we applaud her for it!

11. “8 months: it’s only when I compare face pics that I see the progress I’ve made.”

We are sure it is not only the before and after face pics that signal this guy about his progress, he must also feel incredible in his new body! It is awesome to see that in many cases age does not mean anything, and it is never too late for a full body transformation.

12. “Last two times I wore a suit. 2014 and 2022.”

Eight years between these before and after pics, and somehow, this man looks younger on his after photo! We appreciate that he decided to have a suit on on both pics. It adds more grandness to the occasion. We are glad to see that his beard is also still doing pretty well.

13. “Down 80 lbs, and everyone is nice to me now.”

Whoa! This guy not only lost a lot of weight, he also gained a full personality. Okay, maybe we are not being fair, we are sure he has always been quite a character, we are just glad that now he is not afraid to show it. Just look at that fun beard!

14. “Each picture was taken right before my birthday, one year apart. Lots to celebrate!”

Only one year apart and this guy made such spectacular progress! We are sure he had even more fun on his birthday after going through a body transformation. Confidence makes going out so much more exciting. We are very happy for him.

15. “Loving that post-break-up weight loss”

You go, girl! That guy did not deserve you in the first place, and now you can completely forget about him. But, on a serious note, she looks gorgeous in both her before and after pics. She did an amazing job with her transformation.

Have you ever had surgery to improve something in your body? Or have you made another huge change that made your self-esteem skyrocket?

Preview photo credit virgggo / Reddit


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