15 Creative Designers Who Deserve a Standing Ovation

2 years ago

We’re all a bit spoiled by a huge selection of all kinds of items we can find almost in any store. And designers really need to step up their game if they want to impress us and catch our attention. But sometimes their creations turn out to be so incredible we just can’t help but think, “I need it right now!”

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered 15 examples of brilliant designs where creativity meets practicality.

1. A beautiful design of a miniature garden inside a terrarium.

2. “This railing on a gazebo in Naples has braille describing the view for blind people.”

3. Optical illusions at their finest

4. “Airport lighting system for in use or available stalls in the washroom.”

5. “Priority seats on trains in Scotland depict priority users.”

6. A toothbrush holder that drains into the sink

7. “No Brand’s brand on snacks is to show that ’real value lies in the quality of the product and not in the brand name.’”

8. “These straws made out of pasta so they don’t dissolve like paper.”

9. Bike rings shaped like padlocks

10. “These chairs made from old fire hoses, in front of a fire station.”

11. “Department of Fisheries in India”

12. “Went to an old hospital in Oakland California, and the toilet seats have independently moving left and right seat sides.”

13. “Bags at an optometrist’s office”

14. “Business shirt shop in London has the pegs for clothes as collars.”

15. “This mall’s restaurant has bike seats so you can burn calories while you eat!”

Which design did you like the most? If you know of other cool designs like these, feel free to share them with us.

Preview photo credit joazito / Reddit


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