15 Designers Who Should Be Giving Masterclasses on Creativity

2 years ago

Maya Angelou once said that “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” And if you think about it, this is very true since new products and designs arrive every single day. With all these billions of different minds in our planet, it would be weird if innovation stopped existing.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves good designs that show how creativity flows unbothered in people’s heads.

1. “Saw this cat on the road. Wish I could see the tail in action.”

2. In case you didn’t get the hint, yes, this is a bird table.

3. “A genius bag design.”

4. “This bakery has a large cement loaf of bread as a door stopper.”

5. “A table with a solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at its base.”

6. “My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water.”

7. “This brand of coffee changes the design for its decaffeinated blend.”

8. “This cell tower designed to blend into the environment.”

9. “An office building that’s inside but looks like it’s outside...”

10. Stairs that look like a level from Super Mario

11. “A chessboard designed for blind people”

12. “My salt and pepper shakers”

13. This pro-bike sign with a powerful message

14. “My microwave has a ’no beep’ setting.”

15. New pasta storage?

Which ones of the designs above did you like the most? If you discovered some of them in the market, would you buy them?

Preview photo credit jay66VI / reddit


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