15+ Kids Who Know How to Turn an Usual Day Into a Great Adventure

2 years ago

No matter what age we are, we still remember the excitement of starting an adventure in our childhood. Back then it could be anything, for example, a mundane trip to a grocery shop or simply eating popcorn — for as long as you have a good imagination, the space for creativity is pretty much infinite. We adults should try to keep this feeling alive in our hearts forever because this can make our lives truly interesting.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want our readers to experience pure child-like joy, that’s why we’ve prepared this fun compilation.

1. ’’My nephew and a lion cub shared a moment at the zoo today.’’

2. “My daughter’s first camping trip. This is how she wakes me up at 6:15 in the morning.”

3. ’’My cousin’s 2-year-old son is somewhat unsure of how to play the trumpet.’’

4. When you ask your kid to use chopsticks:

5. Of all the characters he could choose, he chose to be Darth Maul.

6. “Just playing in the wet sand”

7. ’’The outfit my nephew wore to meet my boyfriend’’

8. She isn’t the biggest shopping fan.

9. “We told our daughter that New Years is special because you get to toast to a new year. Now we have a new family tradition.”

10. “Because we all have that one kid...”

11. “I told the kids to go get dressed so we could go to the store.”

12. “My dad is a mechanical engineer. Found my daughter sliding herself under the table with her ’tools’ to fix it.”

13. ’’How my daughter eats popcorn’’

14. “Saw this kid chilling at Costco today.”

15. “’Mom, he’s too hot and he needs a fan.’ Imagine waking up to this.”

16. ’’My 4-year-old nephew demanded to wear this going into the supermarket.’’

Do you have children around the house on a regular basis? What were some of the funniest and most curious things you did as a kid?

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