15+ People Whose Confidence Skyrocketed After Plastic Surgery

2 years ago

When we were younger, we couldn’t understand why people opted for plastic surgery — and it used to be done mostly by celebrities. As we’ve grown older, we understand that sometimes when we’re unhappy about little details, we can change them. Whether our nose makes us uncomfortable or we want to some lift in droopy areas of our faces, one thing’s for sure: You do you!

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some people that went for a small change and came out looking and, most importantly, feeling their best.

1. “I had an osteotomy of both jaws 5.5 months ago. The goal is to correct the mesial bite.”

2. “After 18 months of braces and jaw surgery, my smile is much like night and day. My orthodontist and surgeon did a great job.”

3. “Before and after: 2 years post-op for rhinoplasty and 2 months post-op for blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift”

4. “I’m extremely happy!”

5. “Before chin liposuction vs 10 days after the operation — I have a jawline now!”

6. “Rhinoplasty and a chin implant 6 weeks after the operation”

7. “Just wanted to share a photo of my nose.”

8. “Are these subtle changes worth it (rhinoplasty and chin implant)?”

9. “3 syringes of Juvaderm, mostly in the chin and a small amount in the jawline”

10. “3 weeks post-op rhinoplasty and submental lipo”

11. “2.5 months after the operation (septorhinoplasty, chin implant, and chin liposuction)”

12. “Getting a rhinoplasty was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

13. “Thoughts on my rhinoplasty morph welcome!”

14. “175-lb weight loss thanks to gastric bypass surgery”

15. “What do you think about my nose?”

16. “Chin liposuction — 5 days after the operation!”

17. “Before and after a chin reduction, upper bleph, neck lift, and under chin liposuction”

18. “Asian rhinoplasty, buccal fat, masseter Botox, and chin filler (4 months before and after)”

How do you feel about plastic surgery and making changes to your appearance?

Preview photo credit shy_mood / Reddit


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