15+ Kids Who Only Follow Their Own Rules

2 years ago

Understanding what goes on inside children’s minds is an enigma that perhaps only Ben Gates from The National Treasure could solve. But the truth is, their bizarre logic can be extremely amusing. That’s why parents with a sharpened sense of humor are taking to social media to share their kids’ latest stunts.

Now I’ve Seen Everything picked a few images that perfectly captured how hilariously chaotic it can be living with children.

1. “I used to ’turtle up’ when I was really mad.”

2. “Took my daughter for a hike. She wanted to pack her own gear. This is what she packed.”

3. “I fed my kid real food for the first time.”

4. “My kids couldn’t be more different. Meet Tinkerbell...and Bologna Sandwich.”

5. “Just a reminder: hide all of your devices.”

6. “I came home from work to my purple son, painted by my daughter.”

7. “New baby arrived home yesterday. I told my son not to get too close. This was his solution.”

8. The most reliable way to get out of the house unnoticed

9. “She dressed herself. It’s definitely on backward.”

10. “My son found ’seashells’ on his first trip to the beach. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.”

11. “This is what regret looks like”

12. “He’s convinced he’s thrown his hand away. And the bin won’t give it back because his other hand is holding it closed.”

13. “Let me just smush my face into this window”

14. “Hide and seek with my niece”

15. The best nap spot is the one with 300 balls and the grumpy cat stuffed animal.

16. “2-year-old put crayons in the dishwasher. There’s no coming back from that.”

17. “Because we dared to sing Happy Birthday...”

18. “Trying to wear their entire wardrobe and quickly finding out it was a bad idea.”

19. A kid’s footprint in a ~2000-year-old Roman clay tile

20. “Laugh all you want, this watermelon thing is delicious.”

What examples of bizarre “kid logic” do you know of? Share your stories and photos with us!

Preview photo credit Seealpp / Reddit


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