15 Photos That Prove Kids Don’t Know How to Think Inside the Box

2 years ago

You must have noticed from the children in your surroundings that they don’t think like everybody else. Not only because their brain is still developing, but also because they don’t think of the consequences to their actions. Everything is so new and exciting for them that they just want to try it out.

Now I’ve Seen Everything hopes that all humans could keep at least 1% of their childlike way of thinking, since life would be much happier and innocent.

1. “Perfect hiding spot. Couldn’t find her for hours.”

2. “My daughters, horsemaning”

3. “I’m currently babysitting, I walked in on my niece doing this.”

4. “Hide and seek”

5. “4-year-old unlocked the door to my office with a penny and let my 2-year-old in to create this $4,000 masterpiece.”

6. “How my daughter eats apples.”

7. “Turkey recipes according to pre-K students.”

8. “My son’s sad attempt at getting me to love him.”

9. “My niece just made everyone friends and said ’No fighting’ and I can’t stop laughing.”

10. “Brand new TV vs a toy”

11. “Why get up there in a first place?”

12. “Never give up on your dreams.”

13. “My little sister’s homework assignment. At least she’s honest.”

14. “My kid gave my wife a card for her birthday this morning.”

15. “This is where my almost 2-year-old chose to hide after I told him it was time to go.”

What is the funniest or entertaining thing your kid or a child in your family has ever done?

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