15 Movie Goofs That Nobody Noticed Apart from the Best of Fans

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Almost every movie has at least 1 fault, either it’s a continuity issue or a problem with the items used in the movie. For example, it could be a cup of coffee that has changed places from one shot to the other. Or it could be a piece of clothing that hadn’t been invented just yet. Luckily, some viewers are such hawkeyes that notice even the smallest mistake.

1. In Stranger Things, both the walkie-talkies and the bus Blue Bird TC 2000 didn’t exist at the time the series was taking place.

2. In a Friends episode, we can see Monica sitting on the couch, and a mere moment later, she’s a complete stranger.

3. In the movie The Last Duel, Marguerite de Carrouges is petting a Boston Terrier puppy — a breed that originated around 1875. But the events of the movie took place in 1386.

4. In the comedy, Home Alone, the robbers’ license plate changes by 1 digit: 4565 АK turns into 4566 АK.

5. In the movie 300 we can see a woman wearing a bra. It’s a mystery how a modern bra could appear in Ancient Sparta.

6. In the action flick, Fast & Furious 6, Dwayne Johnson’s goatee tends to appear and disappear.

7. In the 1994 Winter Olympics, we can see new ice skates on Tonya’s feet. The truth is that figure skaters perform during competitions in the same skates they wear during training.

8. When Happy is treating Peter Parker’s wound, you can see nothing in his hand.

9. In Titanic, there is a difference between the portrait of Rose Jack drew in the movie and her portrait we see in the opening shots.

10. In one of the New Girl episodes, the nail polish on Jess’s fingernails appears and disappears.

11. In Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, when Bethany is talking on the phone, the handle of the cup of coffee next to her is changing positions.

12. In the movie, Django Unchained, the main character wears stylish sunglasses. However, they didn’t exist in 1858.

13. In the period Downton Abbey took place, long corsets that didn’t cover the breasts became trendy. But in one of the scenes, Michelle Dockery puts on a classic model which fully covers her breasts.

14. In the close-up shots of Toni Collette in the movie, Hereditary, you can see the edges of her wig.

15. In The Island, the main characters are washed with water, they crawl through vent shafts, and climb rusty ladders. But when they are on the surface, their clothes are perfectly white.

Did you ever notice any goofs while watching a movie with your friends that no one else saw?


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