15 People Who Stand Out Even From Miles Away

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There are some people who seek out everyone else’s attention no matter what they have to do to get it. And there are others who don’t care at all about how many eyes will turn to look at them. And there are some other people who happen to be born with some characteristic that draws attention no matter whether they want it or not.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has discovered 15 cases that show just how unique people and their bodies can often be.

1. A man with his chicken riding a skateboard.

2. “Summer feet”

3. “This guy who went to buy ice cream on horseback”

4. “My mosquito bite turned into the shape of a key.”

5. “This car has some grass growing from the trunk.”

6. “Bucket for additional protection”

7. “I work outdoors, this is the color difference between my hand and my foot.”

8. “My scar doesn’t sweat anymore so dirt doesn’t stick to it.”

9. “I’m the guy from math problems.”

10. “I made a Thor: Love and Thunder 3D-printed helmet!”

11. “My newborn son covered head to toe in white ’fur’”

12. “My friend and I painted this 3D illusion in Chicago last week.”

13. “My very normal brother and his normal outfit he wears all the time.”

14. “The way my son’s pupil developed”

15. “None of my fingers (or toes) have middle knuckles and it’s hereditary.”

Do you think you have ever been the center of attention and what was the reason? Do you have any unique characteristics on your body?


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