18 People Whose Worst Days Made Us Cherish Our Bad Ones

2 years ago

We all have that one bad day that can turn into the worst day ever in the blink of an eye. No matter how much we try to control it, it’s out of our hands — the best we can do is smile and hope for better times. Following the example of people who have shared their worst encounters during their day, it seems that sharing our pain makes it easier for us to go on.

We’ve prepared a collection of unlucky happenings, and most of them made all of us at Now I’ve Seen Everything appreciate our own bad days a little bit more.

1. “I was excited to go to my nail appointment. After this, I am never going back and I accidentally discovered the worst salon ever.”

2. ’’My trip to Mount Rushmore last year’’

3. ’’We finally got some rain out here in California. And then this happened.’’

4. “Splurged on a jar of fancy honey and dropped it while taking the cap off.”

5. ’’My house after I went to buy some fruit’’

6. ’’This is how my morning started.’’

7. ’’I bought tickets for my dad and me to see a concert, and this is my seat.’’

8. ’’I boiled an egg this morning and I think something went horribly wrong.’’

9. ’’I have many, many questions.’’

10. ’’I made cake toppers for my wedding and forgot to check the oven’s temperature before putting my fiancée in.’’

11. ’’Never thought it would happen to me. On a 6-hour flight, it touched me 3 times.’’

12. “Before bed, right after I’d cleaned up and had a shower, this overpriced chocolate powder exploded upon opening.”

13. ’’I think I’m going to need a bigger bucket.’’

14. ’’I parked my Jeep incorrectly.’’

15. “Was woodworking a ring and checked the size. Now it isn’t coming off.”

16. ’’The entire dropped ceiling just collapsed in my basement.’’

17. ’’I got assigned this locker. Guess I don’t have a locker this year.’’

18. “A coworker decided to sample every doughnut...”

How often do you encounter awkward and unfortunate situations? Do you think they are purely the work of bad luck or do we have a hand in them?

Preview photo credit Blijerd / Reddit


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