I Accidentally Found Out My Fiancee’s Dark Secret About Her Life Before Me Right Before Proposal

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As we’re about to make big decisions like marriage, we usually expect to be super sure we know everything about our partner. But sometimes, out of the blue, we find out something about them that totally shocks us. That’s what happened to our main guy today. He was head over heels for his girlfriend and ready to pop the question, but then he learned something about her past that threw him for a loop.

We received a letter from a man that conveyed a sense of profound desperation.

Recently, a gentleman named Michael, aged 30, reached out to our editorial team, pouring out his heart in a letter. He shared his personal journey and expressed a humble request for us to share his story with our readers, seeking their insights and perspectives, as he finds himself deeply adrift in his current circumstances.

In his heartfelt correspondence, Michael divulged, “For the last 5 years, I’ve been dating this amazing woman, Sarah. I first met her at a friend’s wedding and instantly knew I wanted her to be my partner for life. My feelings for Sarah are like a whirlwind romance — she’s always on my mind, and just thinking about her makes me smile.”

“Our connection has grown strong in a special way. We can be together without needing to talk all the time. While she reads, I work on my projects, but we still feel close. We’ve learned a lot about each other during these quiet times. I thought I knew everything about her — her expressions, what makes her happy — until recently.”

Michael had decided to propose to Sarah and set out to find the perfect engagement ring.

Michael shared, “Sarah and I got even closer when she went through a hard time. Her best friend passed away from cancer, and I was there for her every step of the way. I spent a lot of time comforting her and trying to make her feel better. After Sarah started feeling better, she told me something that meant a lot to me. She said I wasn’t just her boyfriend — I was her best friend, her support during tough times. That made me realize it was the right time to ask her to marry me.”

“You might wonder why I didn’t ask earlier. Well, I thought about it a lot, but I always felt like she wasn’t quite ready. I wanted to show her that I’d stick by her through everything before I asked. Now that she knows I’m always here for her, I felt ready to take the next step.”

“So, that day, I was out looking for an engagement ring. We’d talked about our future together — a cozy life in the suburbs with a deck, a barbecue grill, a fun puppy, and even a piano. We even joked about baby names, coming up with silly ones like ’Trevor’ and ’Trevina’.”

Michael was struck right in the heart by a sudden revelation.

“I was totally sure about proposing, I just hadn’t picked out a ring yet. My girlfriend, Sarah, didn’t want a typical diamond ring, but I didn’t know what she liked. Then, out of the blue, I got a Facebook message from a stranger. He said he was Sarah’s brother-in-law. He told me Sarah had blocked him on Facebook and asked me to pass along a wedding invitation, saying it would mean a lot to have her there.”

“I asked for more details, and he told me everything. Sarah had been married before to a guy named Ethan, and they even had a son named Max. Sarah had mentioned before that she didn’t like that name. Sadly, Max passed away in a car accident.”

“After that, Sarah and her ex-husband got divorced, and she cut off all contact with him. All those years, and I had no idea about any of it. I wonder if Sarah would ever have told me.”

Michael has a lot of mixed-up feelings about what he found out all of a sudden.

The man admitted, “I’ve been feeling awful about this all day. I pretended to be sick because I needed time alone to think. But now, I feel completely overwhelmed and shattered. Until that morning, I thought I knew her, but now she seems like a completely different person from who I thought she was.”

“I’m lost right now because I don’t know how to talk about this or how to deal with it. I can’t just buy her a ring and act like nothing’s wrong. But at the same time, I still want to be with her, and I still love her.”

“I’m hurting. I understand she went through something terrible, but I don’t know what it means for us. Am I just a distraction? Can she keep secrets from me? I just don’t know.”

Being a good husband or wife can be tough sometimes. That’s why it’s really important to have honest conversations about important stuff in your life before getting married.

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