12 Women Revealed Red Flags which Scream “It’s a Child Pretending to Be a Man”

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Dating is about getting to know the person in front of you and understanding their true character. At first, a man might appear handsome and charming, giving a great initial impression. However, as you spend more time together, a single red flag can reveal that he may still be immature or not ready for a serious relationship. This process of discovery is essential in finding someone who truly matches your values and expectations.

  • I know one of these guys, and he went directly from his mom doing it to married. It was not until somewhat later that his wife realized that his parents had been driving the ~2-3 hours each way from their home once a week so that his mom could fill his fridge and clean the house while his dad mowed the lawn etc. Frankly, I give the parents some of the blame for that level of enablement. Upon divorce, the parents went back to doing all of this and more. © Hartastic / Reddit
  • To me, the words, “All my exes are crazy!” is a red flag. While I’m sure there are some people who are very unlucky in romance, most of the time it just means the person takes no accountability for the failings of their relationships. © tattooedjenny76 / Reddit
  • I break up with a man if he tries to manipulate me. If I hear something like, “I paid for our meal,” “Don’t you want me to be happy?” or “I think you’d look better if...” that’s definitely the end of the story for me. © Rosalyn Sky / Quora
  • Not learning how to perform basic domestic tasks like laundry, dishes, etc. If men make an active decision not to learn those things, it just tells me they want a mommy and not a partner. © amahler03 / Reddit
  • I went on a date with a guy, anticipating a romantic evening, but I actually had to run away from him. The man ranted for like 5 minutes about how much he didn’t want girl children and saw them as punishment. He said, “If my wife put out 3 girls in a row, I’d cheat till I got a boy.” I explained that it was actually the man’s material contribution to pregnancy that determines sex, but why did I bother? He was clearly dumb. © Lonlinessandt*****s / Reddit
  • A person who doesn’t apologize for their mistakes is immature. Have you encountered men who make serious mistakes and then just avoid you without apologizing? Stay away from these men. © Arpita Chipkar / Quora
  • Currently moving out of the apartment I share with my boyfriend because he is jealous of my dog (the one I had for years before we started dating). It started off with little things and has escalated to the dog needing to be in a cage 24/7, or I get the silent treatment. Good riddance. © rhiaaaannon / Reddit
  • He breaks stuff and punched holes in walls over things, doesn’t even matter how big or small the trigger. Immediate signal, he’s a man child and incapable of regulating himself and his emotions. © nomadiceater / Reddit
  • Something like “I will stand my ground and never accept defeat” in an argument even when you walk them step by step through the argument, agreeing to each move before continuing until you bring them to the logical, objective truth at the end, and they’ve agreed to 95% of everything and the last step is just crossing the finish line and officially accepting that you were right, and they were wrong.
    But instead of accepting reality like an adult, they choose to fight on by just repeating their initial statement again so now you’re back to square one — and at that point, you have to realize that people curate the reality that they want to live in, and facts can’t hurt your argument if you don’t believe in them. © GnarBroDude / Reddit
  • Being rude to service clerks and other strangers. He thinks others are subservient to him, including you in the future if you keep dating him.
    Another thing is he’s a rebounder. If his last breakup was only a month ago, he’s probably still recovering and not ready for a new relationship. He’s using you as a band-aid for emotions he can’t deal with on his own. Sign of emotional immaturity and clinginess. © Quinn Draper / Quora
  • You shouldn’t deal with a man who constantly compares you to his ex. Even if these comparisons are in your favor, it’s likely that the man still can’t get over his ex, and you will always be compared to her. A man who wants to build a future with you won’t look back at his past! © Tifany Weir / Quora
  • When his mother calls you & “orders” you to stop “bullying” her son, because you got into an argument of his lack of participation in chores and plays video games all day, when or even during “hanging out with the boys”. If a grown man has to have his mommy fight his battles for him, not only is he a man child, but he is also a delicate mamas boy that is not mature enough to be let out of the pampers. Yet alone to be in an adult relationship. © Amelia_Rosewood / Reddit

Dates can be really awkward when you realize the person you’re with doesn’t match with you at all. It can be even worse if they do weird things during the date. This can make the whole experience uncomfortable and disappointing.


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