15+ Designs That Are too Good Not to Share

year ago

A bulldog statue whose eyes could haunt your dreams; puzzle pieces that don’t actually fit together — this happens when designers have a bad day at the office. All it takes is one detail to be off, and, suddenly, we’re left with objects that make us facepalm. Fortunately, some people turn to their sense of humor when exposing these issues.

1. “My high school commissioned a bulldog statue.”

2. “I had no idea Spider-Man was actually a monkey.”

3. They actually don’t fit together.

4. “Found the Super Koala Bros statue today.”

5. “Finding Emo”

6. Hottest new novel

7. “Found this ad for lemonade while shopping.”

8. “Pikachub, I choose you!”

9. Well, at least they tried.

10. “This woman turning into a fish roll”

11. Best detergent ever!

12. “More sour than sweet, I guess.”

13. That’s not a fox, though.

14. The packaging says it all.

15. “Ah, yes, my favorite superhero”

16. “Cow tag earring.”

17. “Pants that make you look like you’ve pissed yourself.”

Preview photo credit oliveio / reddit, Lord_H1D30U5


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