17 Honest Stories From Women Who Decided to Go Braless

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The no-bra trend is on the full go all over the world. Women from different corners of the planet have become followers. We decided to read their stories, find out what they think about it, and hear what happened to them after they went braless.

  • I quit wearing bras in 2020 and my life is so much better now. I wear camis or my one hideous sports bra if it’s a time that requires a bit more support (i.e., client meetings), but otherwise, bras are a no-go for me these days. To me, they are hideously uncomfortable and expensive and I personally don’t care if someone is offended by seeing my average-sized chest move under a shirt. I never got used to bras and I’m glad I ditched them. © agent-a****** / Reddit
  • So I get to a grocery store, and when the clerk sees me, she says, “Just a minute.” She goes to the back office and returns. “Excuse me, but I am going to have to ask you to leave. You are not wearing a bra. It’s not appropriate, people bring children in here.” By then, there is a line behind me and everyone in a 30-foot radius is looking in my direction, even though no one was paying attention to me just a minute ago. I told them if I could just pay and leave, I would be gone in a minute. They realized the obvious and rang my stuff and I left. I vowed never to shop there again. © Marla / Quora
  • I have small breasts and they have a non-standard shape. Bras don’t fit me and don’t provide the support they should. They always slide up or down or to the side just because there is nothing they can hook onto. I tried many various bras and the result is the same — I get more discomfort than benefits. © Xaski Xarf / ADME
  • When I see another woman who is not wearing a bra, I think, “Oh yeah, I have a kindred spirit.” I am that woman. I wear one to work out of modesty (and likely dress code) but that’s about it. At home, I never do. In the summertime, if I have to go out, I won’t wear one. It’s too hot. So, I do my grocery shopping and errands without a bra. I don’t care how I look to anyone, as long as I’m comfortable. © Tricia Sutton / Quora
  • I went braless 3 years ago. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my life. I get less sagging, no back aches, and no uncomfortable wires poking me. The only time I wear a bra is when I exercise, I’m being extra professional, or during a romantic date. © ohnoitsmckenzie / Reddit
  • I would always buy bigger bras because I have small breasts. But this summer I got tired of the heat and I decided to go out braless. Felt relaxed and free. The world didn’t collapse. No one was pointing fingers at me. Today, I even wore a summer dress without a bra. No to bras! Go braless! © Hippotenuza / Pikabu
  • There is no law that says you have to wear a bra. I have been going braless for almost 50 years and enjoy the freedom of not wearing one. Of course, being an A-cup makes it a lot easier and I don’t mind the attention. © Kelly / Quora
  • No bra! I don’t need one, and bras just suck. We only wear them for people who are offended by the female human body. It’s just one more thing women “have” to buy to look presentable. If men had to wear one, they’d complain all the time. © Hailsyea4 / Reddit
  • I work at a law consulting office and wear a bra only at work. But on one of my first days working there, I went in wearing a lovely mauve silk blouse with no bra. By mid-morning, the office manager called me in to advise me that I was “distracting” some of the other workers and strongly advised me to always wear lingerie in the office. So I’ve always worn a bra to work, but rarely anywhere else. © Susan Marsh / Quora
  • I once came to the office braless. No one noticed. Felt very natural. I have been skipping my bra more often since then. The other day, my friend ran her hand on my back, searching for my bra band, and looked at me with her eyebrows up. She asked, “Are you wearing anything at all?” And I winked at her. She told me that just the same day, at lunch hour, she realized my chest berries were poking out of the shirt. And it was obvious I was not wearing a bra when I was going down the stairs. If she noticed, many noticed! © Dee / Quora
  • I never wear a bra. Not for modesty or because society insists I should wear one for other people’s benefit. In fact, there is no reason to wear them unless your breasts give you back pain because they are big and the weight of them hurts your back. It’s just breasts showing their contour through a shirt. It’s the same when you wear pants that show the shape of your butt or legs in any way. Why people think one is “obscene” but not the other is beyond me. We may as well all just start wearing huge burlap sacks to hide any hint of a physical shape or contour. © Melanie Daniels / Quora
  • Once, I stayed without a job for the whole summer and I was only wearing tops with shorts, without any bras, because I didn’t have to go to the office. I got so used to it that I stopped wearing them at all. The only exception is workouts where it’s uncomfortable (or sometimes even painful) to jog and jump without a bra. © Olga Gutarts
  • It’s been a year since I decided to go braless. I feel light and free without this piece of lingerie. I was feeling shy at first, but this feeling disappeared over time. © marinkapone / Pikabu

“Exact same bra in the exact same size. All of the new ones I bought are small like this. Thought I gained a bunch of weight when I put it on but then compared it to the others I have and it’s so much smaller.”

  • I am the happiest person on Earth because I have almost stopped wearing bras both in winter and in summer. I don’t care if people like it or not. I feel comfortable and fine! © RusukStark / Pikabu
  • I am wearing a bra though my breasts are small. I have a colleague who is a bit over 20 and who doesn’t wear a bra, however, she has C or even D-size breasts. When talking to her, people don’t know where to look. She, in her turn, feels good. © Momster / ADME
  • Women can’t win. A woman can wear a bra, but if it isn’t padded and her nipples show, the pearl-clutchers will still complain. And if she wears a padded bra, the pearl-clutchers will complain that she’s “sexualizing” herself. © Constant_Possible816 / Reddit

Bonus: how ditching bras and doing certain workouts can change the shape of your breasts

  • I decided to go braless and my breasts became tighter. Another friend of mine was doing intense workouts at the gym to make her breasts larger. I was showing her pics and anatomy textbooks, explaining there are no muscles there. I failed to convince her. Eventually, her breasts became larger — can you imagine?! The cup size and the bust girth increased too. © squirrel / ADME


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