15 People Who Had Their Scars Turned Into Admirable Artwork

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Getting a scar is nothing uncommon and it can happen to anyone one way or another. The problem is when people get massive scars and remind them of unpleasant moments in their lives. That’s why so many want to cover them with a tattoo and make something negative look good and artistic. Today, we decided to take a look at Raquel Gauthier’s work, who specializes in scar tattoos and seems to be very popular with her clients.

Even the biggest scar can be covered nicely.

Raquel feels blessed to have customers that give her their full trust in creating the final designs. About the last tattoo, she mentioned “As you can see, even if there is a part with hyperchromia (darker) you don’t necessarily need to make a dark filling in the region, but disguise it with strokes and shadows. But this requires hours of analysis to be sure at the time of tattooing. This style of art with the little cable giving a slight curve on your arm, transmits harmony to those who look at the art and naturalness, and the leaves near the collarbone a sensuality to the place, with all this anatomical direction of the region, I love this style because it’s different, it’s not common to see, and I love it even more when the client trusts that it will be beautiful.”

Usually, Raquel creates sketches for her customers to check and see if they like them. In the design above, the customer fell in love with the flowers and they decided to go for a design that wasn’t too heavy. “The floral above makes a natural curve at the knee, enhancing the anatomy of your body, and at the feet ends with a sprig of leaves only in shading, it was charming.”

Raquel’s designs always ’hug’ the scars in the most beautiful way possible.

As you can see, the artist is mostly doing floral and nature-themed designs since they are very elegant and can cover large areas. Also, some scars are very delicate to touch that can’t have too much pressure on them for a long time. So, flowers are ideal since they are very thin and don’t have to be filled with ink.

Some designs and scars are a bit more emotional for Raquel to work on and the one shown right above was one of them. “I have no words to describe how much I was looking forward to this job and all the ones to come, each day is unique and I will always give my best!” The artist is very grateful for the work she is doing and the trust she is receiving from her female customers.

There are so many artists out there who focus on scar tattoos and others who are always glad to make people feel better about their bodies. Just because life gave you a scar, it doesn’t mean that you have to be looking at it for the rest of your life.

Preview photo credit raquelgauthier / Instagram


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