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Scars usually remind people of an unpleasant moment in their lives and that’s why many of them opt to cover them up with a tattoo. While not all scars can be covered with tattoos depending on how their tissue is, most of them can be completely transformed. There are quite a few different scars that people often choose to cover with tattoos. It could be acne scars, surgery scars, stretch marks and other regular scars.

Doctors advice that people wait for at least 1 year before they decide to cover their scars with a tattoo, since the area needs to be fully healed. A larger scar might need you to wait for up to 5 years before covering it with a tattoo. After the necessary time has gone by, you can visit an experienced tattoo artist who will know exactly the technique to cover your scar with a nicely designed tattoo.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that tattoos are here to make our bodies even more beautiful than they already are. Not only that, but they help people cover their scars that might be creating insecurities to them

1. Transforming a scar into a fish tattoo.

  • I have a scar on my thumb about 2-3 inches long and another on the inside of my elbow. I thought it would be awsome to have a dragon tail come out the thumb side and a the dragon head come out the elbow. opus3535 / Reddit
  • I have a surgery scar just like this that I’ve always wanted to have incorporated into a tattoo. Such an awesome idea! Love it! The-Clan-Of-The-Duck / Reddit

2. A tattoo that looks like a sewing work in progress.

3. “Finally got to do something creative with my ugly shoulder scar.”

  • Scars like this seem to be more indicative of surgery to stabilise the shoulder following repeated subluxations/dislocations like a Bankart repair (which if we were gonna be pedantic is still arthroscopic surgery of the labrum but is more related to anterior-inferior labral damage that allows the shoulder to dislocate). Really interesting to hear back from so many people who have had similar surgeries. iknowthatfagel / Reddit
  • My right shoulder looks exactly the same. And in fact, its twinged a bit right now from a subluxation that seems to have pinched something in the process. Hurts like hell. Left shoulder has the “three holes in front, one in back” from the Orthroscopic procedure. capodecina2 / Reddit

4. “Third tattoo, covering up some scars.”

  • Is this inspired by Miyazaki? Really nice coverup of the scars. I might consider asking your artist to add a bit more to the tail; it looks a bit unfinished in the area between the rainbow lines and the black tip to me. Just a thought. ostentia / Reddit
  • Okami actually! The tail is supposed to be like that. The lighting was also bad and the goosebumps from the cold didn’t help. Going to be adding Amaterasu as well, but this is Shiranui! badwu1f / Reddit

5. Another beautiful cover-up flower tattoo.

6. “My surgical scar cover up tattoo featuring Calvin &Hobbes.”

7. Creating a map of an unknown land.

8. Covering up a very deep scar with a flower tattoo.

  • There were two sessions with Aline. The coverage was based on flowers for their symbology and the Fox that also carries a beautiful meaning: intelligence and wisdom. Aline’s scar is deep so we had to be careful for the art to fit in the right place. You always need a lot of patience during this process for everything to be beautiful.

9. From horrible scar to a beautiful tattoo of a flower growing.

  • Working with the soul is the best thing there is. I have no words to describe how much I was looking forward to doing this tattoo and each day is unique and I will always give my best!

10. “Belly scar covered by black and grey rose.”

11. Big scars turned into a piece of art.

12. Another very deep scar covered with a beautiful tattoo.

  • She gave us total freedom to develop the art on the scar. At the beginning she mentioned that she likes flowers, and that her favorite grave would be black tattoo. We analyzed her scar and we saw that we could use black and add the flower with enough details of shadows to disguise the pink hue, like a peony, and the petaled cheia is also very helpful to disguise the specific scar, and tracing. Along with art, the symbology of the flower is happiness and prosperity. Thank you Tay for trusting people to cover your scar with a new meaning.

13. Now people will be staring at your tattoo instead of your scar.

14. A cover up tattoo with meaning.

  • Our intention was not to cover a scar with dark fillers or large tattoos, sometimes a delicate tattoo disguises it, just fit the right tattoo. Thaís contacted me and said she likes mantra and even sent some references, we fit some, we changed sizes and shapes until we got the ideal size. Thank you Thaís for the trust, we are happy to be able to recover your desire to wear a bikini.

15. If you trust your artist, they can deliver the tattoo of your dreams.

16. Nothing better fitting here that a turle.

17. A garter tattoo that you will never need to take off.

18. Charmander isn’t only useful while playing Pokemon.

  • CHARMANDER! The Fire Type starter Pokemon from 1st generation! Using this cutie as a clever way to disguise a VERY old and gnarly scar, turned it into his flamethrower attack.

19. “Covers scars and an old tattoo.”

  • Wow amazing, how many sessions did it take? newZ91 / Reddit
  • We did it in about 4 ? Three 8 hour sessions, and the last one was like 3 hours. gilbertthefishx / Reddit
  • I don’t think i’ve seen something as packed full of green as this that i still really enjoyed. Well done sir. Moltar9 / Reddit

20. “Roses covering scars.”

  • Is it painful getting tattooed over scar tissue? I’ve got a pretty huge one on me I’d like covered but I’m not sure if it would be doable. Arctan13 / Reddit
  • Pretty much what the other person said! I wouldn’t tattoo over a fresh scar, but once it’s healed I’ve even heard some people say they can’t really feel the needle in the healed scar tissue. They DO swell up more, and don’t always hold ink as well. Usually nothing a touch up or two can’t solve, however. -Primum_Non_Nocere- / Reddit
  • The rule of thumb, is wait at least a year to get a tattoo over any kind of scar tissue. Depending on where the scar is located and how bad it is, can depend on the pain. Some scar tissue has to be gone over more times than normal tissue, and sometimes the needle(s) need to go in deeper. With scar tissue tattoos, make sure your artist does complimentary touch-ups, as you will probably need a few of them. Katnip37 / Reddit

Do you have any scar that you have covered up with a tattoo or you would like to do it soon? Do you generally like tattoos and if you do, do you have any other designs on your body?


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