15 People Who Have to Deal With Their Loved Ones’ Weird Quirks Every Day

year ago

It just so happens that people who are nearest and dearest to us can have really weird or silly quirks we have to deal with on a daily basis. But as long as love lives in the house, these little things are probably not that important. Some Internet users decided to share their loved ones’ quirks with the entire world, and by looking at these photos, we don’t know whether we want to laugh or cry.

“The way my fiancé used the garlic”

“My husband refuses to use a bigger pot to warm up his tomato soup.”

“My toothpaste vs my girlfriend’s toothpaste”

“The way my boyfriend cuts his pizza to avoid cutting the pepperoni”

“Seeing this after my mother insisted on doing the dishes”

“Every time my boyfriend eats cereal, he eats until there’s only a few left floating in the milk, then he pours that out into the sink and leaves it there for me to clean up.”

“This is how my husband ’helps’ by consolidating all our pasta”

“Ladies and gentlemen, my sister”

“This is where my wife keeps her teeth things.”

“I married a person who does this.”

“My mom just asked me why her new headphones aren’t working.”

“I made banana bread, and my girlfriend took the first slice.”

“My wife likes to store things in the oven. I don’t. Because I don’t think to check.”

“My husband used my favorite knife as a garden tool.”

“I asked my girlfriend to cut the potatoes in half. Those are teeth marks.”

What about your family? Do your family members have any hilarious quirks you have to deal with on a daily basis?

Preview photo credit DearScreen7887 / Reddit


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