15 People Who Live in the Future With Their Creative Thinking

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Some individuals seem to have been born with an extra creative strand in their DNA because they come up with innovative ideas and cool life hacks that wouldn’t cross most people’s minds.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found these 15 wild and brilliant “pièces de résistance,” which can make us go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

1. This sofa made out of jeans, or “jofa” if you will

2. “This ’life hack’ a friend sent me”

3. “LP Record ’bowl,’ found at the Goodwill I work at”

4. “Owning the aerodynamics”

5. “Wind chime made of forks”

6. Recycled dog bed

7. “An antique phone upcycled into a lamp”

8. “My town’s municipal service cut down a tree that was threatening to fall on the road and made a bench out of the trunk.”

9. “Found this in my basement: a pan taped to chair legs.”

10. “An egg timer that shows you how hard your egg is by cooking it with the egg.”

11. “Does this mailbox beep when it is full?”

12. “The table in the tractor museum is made out of a tractor engine.”

13. This guy has built a small village on top of his car.

14. “Somebody added a cast-iron skillet to their brick wall.”

15. “My 12-year-old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding.”

Have you ever crafted a cool new gadget yourself? Tell us the story.

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