15 People Who Only Use Actions to Show Their Unconditional Love

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Celebrated actress Katharine Hepburn once said “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get—only with what you are expecting to give—which is everything.” And it’s true that when people are in love, they want to give their everything to the other person. They want to be the ones that are responsible for someone else’s happiness and joy and they will go to great lengths to make that happen.

1. “This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well.”

2. “Got my cat a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant, he was snuggly the whole pregnancy and absolutely loves my daughter.”

3. “My wife likes fruit in bed every night. Here are some of my recent designs for her.”

4. “Total stranger came and braided my hair while I’m in the hospital after I asked for help in a beauty Facebook group.”

5. “My friend’s granddad made a little wooden shelf so his cat could sit by the range.”

6. “My grandma has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember me. Yet when I sat next to her tonight, she grabbed my hand and didn’t let go.”

7. “My 12-year-old sister made this cake for my birthday, dedicated to all my favorite Pokémon.”

8. “I cleaned up two truckloads of floating plastic cups/bottles from a lake.”

9. “My girlfriend decided to style my hair...leg hair.”

10. “A wavelength of my mom saying ’I love you’ and some of her handwriting. She passed away 2 months ago.”

11. “It’s my son Koji’s fourth birthday today! I baked him a cake.”

12. “Took my dog camping for the 1st time.”

13. “My husband replaced my entire childhood collection of Polly Pockets.”

“I moved a lot when I was younger and didn’t always get to bring all my things with me.”

14. “My wife, knowing I love sandwiches and don’t like the typical romantic stuff on Valentine’s Day, made me a bouquet of meat roses.”

15. “But if they don’t show up with this, do they even love you?”

What has been the most unique way someone has showed you their love without having to say absolutely anything?

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