15 People Who Went Back in Time Like Marty McFly

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Dusting off the family albums often leads to reminiscing with our loved ones about the good ol’ days. But, some people take it a step further and actually recreate those memories the best they can. Others do so accidentally, yet the result is the same: heartwarming side-by-side photos which bring the past back to life.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered a few collages that showcase people revisiting the past in different ways.

1. “I recreated my great-grandmother’s 1918 portrait.”

2. “We had to put my 16-year-old dog down yesterday, but before that, we recreated our favorite photo with him.”

3. “It’s funny how you can accidentally make the same pose in two pictures 15 years apart.”

4. “Me as a baby wearing a ridiculous wig vs me at 21 with the hair I ended up growing”

5. “30 years and beards”

6. “22 years later”

7. “I saw some childhood friends of mine at a New Year’s party. We all look different now, but we really haven’t changed much.”

8. “My cousin offered me a memory for Christmas.”

9. “My Mother’s Day photo recreation — my daughter is 15 years old.”

10. “26 year old recreation. Me and my twin on our 30th birthday. Our most embarrassing photo.”

11. “My grandma and my dad, 1966 and 2020”

12. “Brother and sister, then and now”

13. “My dog turned 16 today.”

14. Clothing is still spot-on (1991 vs 2019).

15. “Jean jackets in 1993 were a strong look. The second photo was taken circa 2013 at Tent Rock.”

What’s changed the most about you over the years? Have you tried recreating an old family picture? Would you like to share the results with us?

Preview photo credit Taintlyn / Reddit


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