15+ Photos That Show How Pets Add Color and Spice to Their Humans’ Lives

2 years ago

Living with pets is like going on a roller coaster of emotions every day — they melt our hearts by being sweet and clingy, make us laugh with their strange habits, and, sometimes, they behave like little rebels causing chaos and even “stealing” from us. But at the end of the day, these animals make really good companions and we have grown to love them as part of our family.

Now I’ve Seen Everything chose 18 photos that perfectly capture how much more interesting life can get with these fur babies.

1. “I spent an entire day baking challah bread, only to have it stolen.”

2. “The ’perks’ of playing with my cat when he’s in scratch/bite mode”

3. “My husband captured this photo of my dog and me. It perfectly describes the partnership I’ve built with her!”

4. “When you’re trying to take a photo with a dog:”

5. “Can anyone help me figure out what type of plant this is?”

6. “He thinks his love will cure her. I think it will help.”

7. “The first people who appear on the streets on January 1st are dog owners.”

8. “Something tells me I’m not the only cat owner encountering this issue.”

9. “Only dog owners will understand this.”

10. “Cold mouse hand? Get a cat.”

11. “He is obviously trying to become a master of disguise.”

12. “The face he makes when you stop petting”

13. “The fight for the couch is on.”

14. “4 dogs, 1 bed — there are more than enough beds, blankets, and cozy sleeping spots on the couches around here for everyone, but they insist on piling onto one bed.”

15. “Hoping he had a breakthrough in there and learned something😹🙈🤦🏽‍♂️”

16. “Who needs a blanket when you have a dog?”

17. “My cat has strategically chewed a hole for his head in his favorite cardboard box.”

18. “My best friend is 17 today!”

What typical cat or dog things do your pets do?

Preview photo credit MickFoley13 / Reddit


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