20 Times People’s Patience Was Stretched to the Limit

2 years ago

Sometimes the universe enjoys seeing how tolerant we are of other people’s strange habits and of life’s pranks. Luckily, folks online seem to count to 10 before acting at the sight of these infuriating situations. Nevertheless, they capture it on camera so others can hopefully share their feelings of frustration.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up pics that truly make you stop and think “Why?”.

1. “Came home after a long shift and found a mouse in my food.”

2. “My daughter knows how to fix it. She simply refuses to do so to infuriate me.”

3. “My kids’ toothpaste cap”

4. “The space my wife gives me to sleep on our Queen-size bed”

5. “Wake up, daddy.”

6. It’s hard to not be disturbed when looking at this grandfather’s encyclopedia collection.

7. It’s a lot more work this way.

8. “My mom gave my daughter two $1 bills. She took it upstairs and ’made more money.’”

9. “I left a list of chores for my teen daughter to do. I came home to stuff like this.”

10. “Just finished my 499-piece puzzle.”

11. “My patience is being tested.”

12. “Neighbor likes to park ’a little too close’ to the shared washing machine.”

13. “I can’t see my brother’s graduation.”

14. “A cringe way to eat pizza.”

15. “The way my partner’s mom opens the bread”

16. It probably did’nt please guests to have oddly cut portions of cake.

17. “My grandfather doesn’t peel the plastic off of anything and won’t let me peel it off. I’m about to have a heart attack.”

18. “My friend thinks this is funny.”

19. “All the places my wife keeps toilet paper other than the holder.”

20. “My husband has been sticking these in places I can’t reach to annoy me. It’s working.”

Have you put your tolerance to the test while looking at these photos? In what circumstances do you typically lose patience?

Preview photo credit haddyboo / Reddit


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